If you want to use the power of social media to put your brand forward in the ever-competitive platform of Instagram, fresh, engaging, and regularly updated content is the secret to achieving this. However, coming up with them as and when you need them is no easy feat, and it can be especially hard with a fledgling online presence that’s only started to pick steam on Instagram. 

Instagram truly is filled with endless possibilities for a business and is much more than a platform to post photos. No matter how big or small the audience is, if they’re properly engaged, it can bring great results for your business. 

How do you find the sweet spot of the right kind of content for your business on Instagram? To help with this, we’ve compiled together 10 Easy and Simple Instagram post ideas you can use to boost your brand’s online presence.

1. Product Pictures

Though Product showcases are obvious choices for advertising on your social media page, it’s important to take them seriously. A high-quality, well-made post with proper on-brand attractive filters can go a long way in advertising the legitimacy of your brand and what makes it stand out.

Another option to spice up your product pictures is to combine them with other items that your company may offer or consider incorporating user-submitted images to showcase your brand’s authenticity.

2. Featured Posts

If your business has been featured recently in any other form of media, be sure to share it on your social media pages. Whether you’re mentioned in a blog post, a local paper or magazine, or another social media post, be sure to repost the feature, or at least a screenshot of it if you can make it available. Features are a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience and they’re also wonderful tools for legitimizing your business in the eyes of this new audience and the existing one.

3. Teaser Posts

Teasers are great ways to create hype and anticipation surrounding your business. No matter what the announcement is, if the lead-up to it is done using creative sneak peeks for your audience that shows just enough to create intrigue but not enough to let them know what they want, then you can create a large amount of engagement this way. 

People are very likely to become regular followers simply due to the intrigue created by teaser posts, and this can become a very valuable resource for your company. So work on incorporating count-down posts and sneak-peeks whenever you have big business-related announcements due.

4. Consumer-generated Content

Involving your users in process of curating content for your company is a sure-fire way to generate a lot of engagement for your page. There are a lot of creative ways this can be carried out, and you can do it according to the needs of your business. 

Simply involving your followers by reposting photos, they post that are related to your brand can go a long way in generating more of such interactions, and they also give users pride to be associated with your brand name. According to what your business needs, you can post user content in different ways. If you want, you can incorporate them with social media contests, get your users to write photo essays on your products, etc.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility Posts

The best place to project and show the ideals and values your brand stands for are on your social media. If your business has an interest in a specific cause, charity, etc, then be sure to make that known on your platform and share whatever you’ve done towards this cause too. 

People can relate a lot better to a brand that has a humanitarian face and is much more likely to associate and engage with such a brand, especially if they believe in similar causes.

6. DIY and How-To Videos

If there’s something you can share with your audience, don’t hesitate on doing so. Whether they’re in the form of do-it-yourself at home videos, or step-by-step tutorials to do some action, if you have material to help your audience, then share it. If these tutorials are made to be engaging and simple, they tend to do very well online, with a high likelihood of being shared around extensively.

7. Collaborate with other Brands and Influencers

Instagram is a large and diverse space with a wide variety of homogenous users to be found. To engage with as large an audience of interested users as possible, it’s not a bad idea to collaborate with similar businesses to yours(not necessarily direct competitors, businesses that share similar targets) and bring your audiences together to create a larger homogenous community. Influencer and celebrity endorsements are also extremely fruitful options to expand your user base.

8. Run Online Contests and Promotions

Sales, Contests, giveaways, etc. are great opportunities to boost online engagement for your brand. They create a great deal of hype and excitement around your brand and tend to be re-shared a lot, especially if you choose to make it a feature of your contest.

9. Answering FAQs

“Frequently asked questions” sessions are an easy and effective way to engage and interact with your audience while creating posts that are relevant for both new and old viewers alike. By asking for customer feedback on your posts, you can set up regular FAQ sessions that work as a great source of scheduled content for your page.

10. Behind-the-scenes Posts

Behind the scenes, videos, Team introductions, etc. are great ways to engage with your audience and connect them on another level. Instagram is not just a place to find new audiences, but rather to truly connect with them, and BTS videos give your business the perfect opportunity to establish transparency and trust with your customers and make them feel truly special.

Bottom Line

Managing a proper social media account for a business is by no means an easy task, but it is one that can be made more efficient by simply implementing a few golden rules and keeping them on schedule. If you can find the right way to implement the simple and effective ideas we’ve given you for Instagram content, you can take your social media effort a long way, in terms of both content and engagement with the content.