Did you know the first form of perfume was incense?

Back then, its use was for rituals and religious ceremonies. It made its way from Mesopotamia to Egypt. Here, perfume evolved to the scented oils citizens bathed in.

Greeks were the first to use perfume in liquid form. Arabs developed the distillation process, allowing its manufacture.

To understand why people associate France with perfumes, take a look at its history. Keep reading to learn why French perfume is popular across the globe:

Perfume as a Fashion Item

In times when bathing was a rare activity, natural body odors were normal. During this period, perfumes were necessary to mask unwanted scents.

Historians say Catherine de Medici introduced perfume as a fashion in France. It was exclusive to the royals and wealthy people. However, the growth of perfume popularity was slow until the 17th century, when the industry finally took off.

The French perfume industry only grew from there, producing high-quality ingredients and the best noses in the world. Running water and sanitary products are now commonplace, but perfume is still necessary for smelling good.

Capital of the French Perfume Industry

The perfume capital of the world is a town on the French Riviera, north of Cannes. As the center of the French perfume industry, Grasse is home to the “Big Three.” The famous names Fragonard, Molinard, and Galimard originate from here.

These companies provide most of the essences used in perfumes worldwide, especially in French perfume brands. It is the reason many popular perfume brands have roots in the country, such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Jean Paul spray, and more.

Grasse was not always all about perfume since its first popular industry was leather. At the time, a side effect of the tanning industry was a wide range of stench. It is why the town started using French perfume bottles to combat the unpleasant smells.

The unique microclimate in Grasse made it suitable for growing plants used in the perfume industry. It did not take long before it surpassed the tanning industry.

Today, you can visit the town and see expansive fields of lavender, roses, myrtle, jasmine, and more. You can also tour museums and perfumeries. Learning about their ingredients and processes allows you to discover the reason behind the expensive price tag of the best French perfumes.

Do you want to join the world of perfume? Many people travel to Grasse to train their sense of smell. To be among the best noses in the industry, you must distinguish over 2,000 types of scents.

Learn More About Perfume Now

We all have the French perfume industry to thank for all the scents we enjoy today. Its long history and inclination to tradition set France apart.

However, learning about French perfume is only the beginning. The world has a lot of other fragrance industries you can explore.

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