Spy dialer is seriously free reverse phone number lookup used by millions of people. Spy dialer is simple to use and free. This reverse phone lookup is the best-known website to tell you exactly who is on the other end of the line. This service can capture the outgoing voicemail message. Spy dialer also has a service foe landline phones too. This is a super cool tool to make your life easies and safe.

Top 5 Spy Dialer Alternatives

1#: Canada 411

Canada 411

Canada 411 app is your #1 Canadian 411 people finder and business directory. A simple and quick way to find any person across Canada or find a great business that offers deals Products and services closest to you. This easy to use app will help you get the 411 your neighborhood with its GPS based business search. Check out user reviews and photos before making your next purchase at a business search. Download this free app now for the fastest and easiest way to get the 411 in your neighborhood. This site is a free software app from the recreation subcategory, per of the home and hobby category. This app is currently available in English as similar as Spy dialer app.

2#: Free cell search

Free cell search

This website is providing the same functionality as Spy dialer that users help people identify who is calling. This site has many years of experience in the telecom industry, they know that the internet is full of scams, therefore they work very hard for the people who do not know who is calling before they answer that call. Free call search is a reverse phone search that is free of charges and its interface is very easy to use and understanding. Do not afraid of fraud call just grab this site and enjoy your life.

3#: Whitepages   


One of the easiest sites like Whitepages is free phone number search websites. This site is a global digital service to help you know more about who is calling before answering a call. There are over 55 million users a month on Whitepages, it is great. Use this free search tool for your personal inquiries. This site keeps you connected to legitimate people. This site helps you to stay away from fraud calls around the globe. Overall, this is one of the best Spy dialer alternative sites.

4#: Phone number scan

Phone number scan

This site is one of the best sites like “spy dialer” it provides to users is completely control of your phone. This attractive and simple website will give you each time you use it. You will get the results and find the important info you are looking for. This site will give your number and name of that fraud call for this service you can live your life with peace.

5#: Free Phone Tracer

Free Phone Tracer

Free Phone tracer is one of the best reverse phone sites and this site is free to use.  All you have to do is enter the number and area code if you want more information about that fraud call then wait for lightning for fast results. Sometimes free phone tracer will even mention landline number and service providers, depending on the data available. So just install this application and begin your trace for free today.

Final Words

These were the best five Spy dialer alternative apps to phone number lookup. Here, on all of these sites you can find information about the caller’s phone number, area code, name, etc. so, these all the apps save you from the fraudsters and use these  Spy dialer alternative apps wisely for your safety.