Are you tired of downloading mainstream games that just waste your phone space? Are you sick of wasting your time playing pseudo-5 starred games that disappoint you? Looking for a game that is mentally challenging and fun at the same time? Cooking Crush is restaurant games that can keep you mesmerized for hours on end and educate you on important life lessons!

Stay Cozy In Bed And Let Your Brain Do The Running

As our body needs exercise to keep fit and healthy, so does our brain. Yes, your brain needs exercise too! Though, not the kind our body needs. In leisure time, all we do is rust our nerves or utilize our action potential in doing something unproductive. With the brand new cooking game of 2020, Cooking Crush, you can stay wrapped in your warm blanket and open your mind to the countless possibilities of cooking!

Unboxing the Dream Game

For Cooking Crush, you do not have to subscribe to any expensive monthly subscription services or wait for weeks till your online order arrives. It won’t get lost in the mail. You do not have to fear it getting damaged during delivery. You can have it in a jiffy! Cooking Crush is available for download online on both Android and iOS.

Prepare yourself to play this mind-stimulating and mouth-watering culinary simulation. Flowmotion’s brand new kitchen games comes after the success of its previously honed Cook It! Over the 6 years of its running, Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. has published dozens of interesting and fun games for kids of all ages to enjoy and learn. Its founders Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada have really outdone themselves.

The Only Legal Drug In The Market That Will Make You Cool

Cooking Crush is such an addictive game yet it has no adverse side effects. My girlfriend jokingly called it “the only legal drug in the market that will make you cool”, the other day. But jokes apart, drugs are bad, stay in school, kids. Play Cooking Crush in your spare time after you’ve finished your homework and chores. You will be the coolest kid in school!

Anything New in Cooking Crush? Yes.

  • Flowmotion Entertainment puts their heart and soul into bringing this game alive. The visuals are just fantastic and the graphics are top-notch. Sound effects are so real that you feel like you are actually living in the game, whipping up food like a pro but spoiler alert! It will make you crave for toast and a coffee.
  • In most of the games, if you lose your life, you have to wait for long dragging hours to be able to play the next level. That is a real bore and eventually leads to deleting the game in annoyance. No one wants to wait for hours! Don’t worry, that is not the case in Cooking Crush. You can resume playing by watching an ad. Voila, you have scored yourself a heart in less than 30 seconds. To be honest, this was one of the best features for me.

Dreams Do Come True

I always dreamt of owning a restaurant after watching Strawberry Shortcake as a kid. It was on my bucket list. That, and to have the liberty of eating whatever at any time I wanted. That was the real dream.

There are 10 different restaurant categories to choose from. You can play in Crème Café, Dream Deli, Salty Taverna, Party Parlor, Rockin’ Diner, Crazy Cantina, Donut Den, Tandoori Treasure, Perfect Pie and Cake Corner. Each restaurant specializes in a different variety of food.

You are in-charge of your restaurant. All the responsibility is on you from buying the equipment to serving the customers. Moreover, you can renovate the kitchen in your style.

Never thought owning the restaurant would be this easy. I have developed a deep respect for the hard work business owners put in, after playing Cooking Crush.