Shoes are an important detail when it comes to dressing. That is why you need to know facts before wearing them. It may be a good thing to wear certain shoes because you look good on them, but it is better to have them on while understanding what they stand for. Having the right information about elevator shoes will set you free from making poor decisions when it comes to shoe-selection.

Elevator shoes are comfortable

Well, if you’ve worn elevator shoes, you know how comfortable they are.

Most elevator shoes have soft inner soles thick enough to shield your legs from discomfort. They give your lower leg space to breath and walk without tension. You will be surprised how elevator shoes are more comfortable than most shoes perceived to be more comfortable.

Elevator shoes can be worn by tall people

Man was created in an interesting way. We use our eyes to see, and then come up with conclusions or our own biased judgments. Sometimes we may be right while a times we get it all wrong. For instance, one may conclude elevator shoes are only meant for short people. This deduction may be due to the fact that elevator shoes are height increasing shoes.

Well, now you should know both tall and short people can wear elevator shoes. The lifts will add to your height and make you stand out even more. Elevator shoes come in different elevations. That said; you should try wearing elevator shoes with shorter elevations. That way, you avoid looking conspicuously tall attracting unnecessary attention.

Elevator shoes come in different sizes and styles

One distinctive feature about elevator shoes is the height increasing quality. That is true but tends to mislead some people. These individuals assume all elevator shoes are the same. For that reason, they choose to avoid them probably because they prefer unique kicks.

The truth is, elevator shoes come in different sizes, styles, colors, materials and designs. This gives the wearer freedom to choose what to wear with the dressing of their choice. Most popular elevator shoes brands like design several types of elevator shoes for their clients to choose from.

They are durable

Elevator shoes have some of the best long lasting soles. These soles make them survive for long without wear or tear. During movement, the shoes bear the weight of the wearer as well as resist the friction caused through hitting and/or rubbing on the ground. This action when experienced repetitively tends to accelerate the wear and tear process. To resist the acceleration, manufacturers make elevator shoes strong.

Online sellers of elevator shoes are authentic

There have been several allegations about online sellers of elevator shoes. Some claim these businessmen deliver to them shoes whose quality is nothing close to the images they upload on their online stores. Others claim most of these online shoe shops are only scams and swindling objects. Well, the truth is there are a few like those and that is why you should be cautious when choosing which site to buy from.

But, generally, most sites selling elevator shoes online are legitimate. Besides, they offer the exact quality as that appearing on their sites.

Casual elevator shoes exist

Some people believe elevator shoes are only available for official wear. There are casual elevator shoes too. This is true especially for ladies. There is a wide variety for elevator shoes both for ladies and gentlemen. That means you have options for whatever event you’re planning to attend. Different reports have established most people dismiss elevator shoes because they believe these kinds of kicks are only available for formal settings. There are many casual alternatives for elevator shoes.

Keep your elevator shoes away from water

Water is one of the leading destroyers of shoes. The irony of the matter is you will use the same water to clean your shoes sometimes. Your elevator kicks should be dry all the time. When cleaning them with water, avoid using excess water as this weakens the fabric making the shoes. This exposes the shoes to wear and tear.

Elevator shoes will improve your health

This may not happen in a day but will be evident in the long run. Elevator shoes facilitate proper posture and that will help the wearer avoid back problems in the future. The elevator shoes compel you to stand and walk upright. It is also important to note that this posture may make you feel under pressure especially if you are used to sitting or standing in the wrong posture.

Elevator shoes are more stylish

Style is personal. But, you will never go wrong with elevator shoes irrespective of your style or preference. Elevator shoes are designed in such a unique way they tend to match all types of pants. When you find a perfect trouser for your elevator shoes, be sure to stand out from the crowd. The fact that these shoes help you increase in height makes things even better.

Height and style tend to supplement each other well. It is easier to notice a tall man who’s stylish than a shorter one. This is true without taking anything away from the shorter people. The taller you look the more pronounced your style becomes.


Elevator shoes are penetrating into the market at a faster rate than ever before. To keep fueling the pace at which more people are purchasing the shoes, there’s need to demystify elevator shoes more and more. The more individuals learn about elevator shoes the more likely they will buy more of them. We have highlighted nine important things you need to know about elevator shoes. The bottom line is you should get yourself as many elevator shoes pairs as possible to experience the benefits.