The history of my filing cabinet smoker whenever I go shopping at my local smiths, a file cabinet smoker is a useful way to recycle an old metal file cabinet. A typical is deal for recycling into an outdoor smoker and cooker. Metal filing cabinets also come in two drawer sizes and are great for recycling into smaller smokers. The size of the cabinet makes them perfect for cooking and smoking for a large crowd. You may also like to see DIY smoker, DIY pizza ovens, smokehouse plans.

Little file cabinet smoker

It is the top smoker for a main course and side dishes too. This is perfect for smoking enough meat to feed the family and a friend. It’s very easy to use in small backyard spaces and for storing when not in use. It will take a little practice for regulating smoke and temperature.

Wood File Cabinet smoker

This smoker is absolutely awesome for daily use and when you are planning for bringing your all of friends and family members you will fully enjoy this stuff because with this smoker you are enjoy the party in outdoor. You can take it another place too. When we have guests our all day will pass in the kitchen we can’t have fun with our family but with this you can cook and also enjoy with your family and make very testy smoky food for all of them.

Side Rack File Cabinet Smoker

This smoker does not have to be plain, you can add side shelves and hook that will help you to make grill food and add smoky flavor too. You do not have to paying for this you can do it at your home with just few minutes. This diy smoker builds if you get creative. Just you have to go shopping and buy shelves to complete this creation and make it more functional for BBQing needs and add wheel to make an easily portable for cooking and storing afterword.

Four drawer file cabinet smoker

The detail will show you how to turn a four-drawer file cabinet into a functional smoker, plus you will get more tasty and healthy food without electricity. It’s fun and easy to build that. It will enable you to build a diy smoker and have guests over for a backyard BBQ on the same day. Your guest may want you to make a business with this diy smoker and more tasty food that will bring in extra income.

Old Grey File Cabinet Smoker

Turn that old grey filing cabinet into a BBQ smoker and paint it any color you want. Your friend will be asking for your BBQ recipe and to build them a file cabinet smoker. An old grey filing cabinet can be turned into the most useful and amazing pieces of hardware in your backyard. Boring furniture never looked or smelled, so good before.