If you are a fan of YouTube and love to watch videos on YouTube regularly then this becomes your most entertainment thing. But in case if you are watching YouTube videos and suddenly there is some error appear on the app and your video pause suddenly. That is a very bad thing for every YouTube lover so, in this article, we will suggest you some techniques to tackle with YouTube keeps pausing issue.

If you’re facing these issues with continuously pausing of YouTube videos and then unpause, and again pause, then first this for this issue is your internet connection. Because of slow internet connection, you can’t match the demands of streaming video at the selected quality. But it is not necessary that this is the main reason for YouTube keeps pausing videos. There are some other reasons behind this problem that you can check in the article.

1#: Buffering because of Bad Network Connection:

As we discuss our intro first valid reason for a YouTube video keeps pausing, it’s a weak network connection. So, your first step is to restart your network connection if you’re using a Wi-Fi then following the steps to reboot your modem or router.

– First of all, find the power cable for your modem and router.

– After that pull that power cable from the modem.

– Then Wait 1 minute and reinsert the power cable.

– Now, Reconnect Wi-Fi when it’s completely started.

Apart from that, you have to be aware when you select video quality while watching because this affects the most in “YouTube keeps pausing” videos. So, if you have a connection with less than 2 Mbps, then don’t try to watch YouTube videos because YouTube needs a minimum 2 Mbps speed for a video playback quality of 480p.

2#: YouTube problem itself:

Even the YouTube platform itself many times faces technical faults and bugs that cause problems during video playing. At that time you have to be patience and Waiting for a few minutes and then playing the video again and this time you maybe play video without any problem. Moreover, you can check directly the YouTube Help Centre page to know the details of any current problems.

3#: Lack of updating the latest version:

Updates are that part of the technology where every apps or software want some changes regularly because of its imperfectness by the creators. So, here YouTube keeps pausing videos is one type of issue and it will keep pausing until the issue is fixed with an update. So, check the following steps to update your app.

– First, Open Google Play Store on your mobile.

– After that click on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner.

– Then select My Apps & Games.

– Now, you can see a list of apps that are available for update. From the list select YouTube and click on the UPDATE button.

– After the successful update opens YouTube and starts watching your favorite videos without pausing.

Final Words

Here is complete information on why YouTube keeps Pausing Video while we playing. And a complete guide to getting rid out of this Video Pausing problem while we playing any long song mix. So, after applying our solution you can watch YouTube videos nonstop.