How to create .edu email? Why we need to create .edu email?

Today, we are going to share you some useful information regarding .edu email.

Nowadays, you will get .edu email for free when you get into admitted to school colleges. Such .edu emails are in the format like “” that’s why they are named as .edu emails. But that is in the case of you’re a student of their particular university or colleges, but in case if you’re not a student then “how to get such .edu email for free if we are not in university or college or if in case our colleges don’t provide it? Today we are going to teach to make .edu email for free.

Why .edu emails are Important?

1) Free Streaming Access

2) Free Online Educational Courses

3) Free Soft wares for Students

4) Unlimited Entertainment Stuff

5) Graphic design tools access

Now, how you can create free .edu emails to grab such offers for student?

There are few steps are required to create free .edu email without any barrier, it takes a little bit of time to get .edu email.

# Step 1: In the very beginning step, you’ll have to Go to Virginia Community University/College official Website and then Create an account with some temporary fake details, and we would like to suggest as below details – Create New Account( Here

# Step2: when you creating above account you need US-based address details, that are accessible in this Link( for USA Details, and for the temporary email address generator, you have to take a temporary email( on the same link,.

#Step3: Right after follow the above steps, you will have to save those Fake name, address, and Email address for some time in note pad or something until account creation has been done.

# Step4: Once all the above details you have collected, then click on the continue or Next button to be continued in the process of the Signup process,

# Step5:

  • First name and last name: Please enter the any random Name (First and Last)
  • Birthdate, Social Security Number (SSN): Enter the Birthdate. SSN number (that is used for healthcare)
  • Gender:  You’ll have to enter the Gender Details
  • Racial or ethnic identification: White
  • Hispanic or Latino: No
  • Have you ever applied, attended:No
  • And then Click Save and continue.
  • You’ll have to enter the Generated Temporary email

Is this your permanent address: Yes, should be fine here?

Right after then you can leave the contact number as it is because that is optional and then you can go for Review, Save, and Continue as always,

  • Which high school education: here you can refuse or write anything.
  • The last date attended: please mentioned any past date.
  • Highest grade completed: 11th grade.
  • Have you ever attend: No
  • I have planned to earn a degree: No
  • Plan to start class: her you can select any class and then Click Save and

Continue to be in the process.

  • Have you ever served military: No (here you can answer at your own)
  • Right after then please Click Save and Continue
  • Parent 1 and 2: here you can select anyone
  • What is your current status? The native US (write here like this)
  • Primary spoken language: you can say here “English”

# Step6:

In the last step, you will have to Click Save and Complete button to be continued in the process and,It redirects to a new page and shows email ID and Temp Password, note down those details and Login Here and right after then change the Temp Password.

Once you will changed your temp password, then you can use that email ID for various offers and benefits which we have listed above.

Final Words:

So, guys hope you’ve enjoyed this Article in which we have included much useful information like why we should create .edu email and how we can create .edu email, also we in this we mentioned things about creating fake .edu email. So, please enjoy this article and feel free to get back in touch through the comment section below.