Discord is a popular group chatting platform, specially made for a gamers. Discord is available in all devices such as Android, Windows, iOS, Mac. Discord provides features like Chatting, Voice calling, Video calling, Group sharing, Media sharing and other types of features. Discord is same like as WhatsApp or any other social media platform with its advanced features.

What is Discord DM? How to do it.

Direct Message or DM is one way chatting feature for chatting with someone, Instagram is a good example of DM functionality. It refers to the private conversations with your friends and others while playing your favorite game with your friends using Discord.

But, How can you send a Direct Message or DM to someone? Here is the answer of it. However, it is a simple process, anyone can easily send a DM to someone without any set -up process. It is basic or by default functionality in Discord.

How to DM Someone on Discord?

In Discord, we can send a DM to someone who is our friend in Discord or either same server person. Here are the steps for DM someone on Discord.

  • Log in to your Discord Account.
  • Click on the option Direct Message, which placed on the left side of the app.
  • If you already have friends in Discord, your friends will visible in your friend list.
  • Click on your friend’s name to start the DM.
  • We can choose between different options to find our friends.

How to DM someone on Discord Without Being Friends?

In some situations, we need to DM someone without being friends. If we want to play with someone who is not our friend or complete stranger, in this situation we have to DM someone without being friends. But, the question is would discord allow you to do this? Discord does not need any unnecessary spam messages in your Discord inbox. If you still want to DM someone without being friends, we can do it by applying some settings on our Discord.

Also, you need to ask to whom you want to DM with to configure the necessary changes to their privacy settings.

Here are the steps for doing it.

  • Log into your Discord.
  • Click on the Gear icon which displayed on left bottom of Discord app.
  • Click on Launch Settings.
  • Find Privacy and Safety option in the Account tab.
  • Click and Open it.

Here are the options for Configure whom we want to receive messages from.

  • Keep Me Safe: It will scan Direct Messages from everyone.
  • My Friends are Nice: It means messages from friends will not be scanned, other messages are scanned.
  • I live on the edge: It will not scan anything.

So, the answer is clear we cannot send a DM to someone who are not our friend in Discord. Well, there is not any option provided by Discord for doing it. But, there is another way of doing it. We can send messages to anyone who are in the same server. So, you both have to join the same server in Discord for Direct message conversation without being friends.

Also, you have to follow the steps which are above mentioned in How to DM someone without being friends.

How to Join a Discord Server?

Here are the steps for joining a Discord server:

  • Log into your Discord account.
  • Click on the “+” sign at the left side of menu options.
  • It displays 2 options – create a new server or join existing server.
  • If you want to join an existing server, you need to enter this invite link of the existing server.
  • After, successfully joining it will show a list of members in the right side. Explore the server for finding more option about the server.

So, above are the all solution for How to DM someone without being friends on Discord.

Final Words:

Discord is a popular group chatting platform specially used by the Gamers. In this article, we explained How to DM Someone without Being Friends on Discord.