When you type a query for any random topic on search engines like Google- it is not just Google that helps you to learn, understand or solve that query but also the talented bloggers and their websites. The Internet has given us a platform to share our expertise or information with the world through our blogs. And in return, we can earn through it. Isn’t it wonderful? Thousands have made fortunes through blogging, you can too.

However, the majority of the people never start their blog thinking that it might require a lot of technical knowledge. But, it isn’t true. Blogging is easy like never before, and you can start your website within a few minutes. However, you will need to know a few basic things before you start your blog.

The Beginners Blogging Tips

  • Blogging is a Marathon Race: You might have heard stories of people getting huge traffic within a few weeks or months of their blog writing journey. Ignore these stories; this overnight fortune is very rare and impractical in today’s world. However, if you niche down your blog smartly- You can achieve your goal of huge traffic on your blogs within a few months. Blogging isn’t just about writing but also about how to plan and research before you start.
  • Choose the Right Blogging Platform: Some of the most popular blogging platforms are Blogger, WordPress, and Medium. However, if you choose a free website plan, you will have limited access to advanced features. So, if you are really serious about your blogging, you might have to consider choosing a paid platform. Just for a case, if you choose WordPress.com then you can go for its paid plans. The paid plans will give you tons of powerful features to promote your blogs. In case you are wondering how to install wordpress learn with simple steps, it is more simple than installing a high graphic video game on your laptop. WordPress gives customized themes, plugins, and website design which will make your process really smooth.
  • Designing your Blog: The first impression of a website or blog is its design and user interface. If somebody comes on your blog and finds your website rusty, chances are he will leave your website within seconds. It will reduce your retention rate and your website will rank lower. So you will have to learn a few basic yet important things like how to change background color of a frame in html, how to add/remove website pages, how to change themes, how to install plugins etc. These kinds of stuff might seem tedious but they are very basic and easy to learn.
  • Researching about Your Competitors well in Advance: Before you leap into the blogging journey, you will need to analyze your competition well. Since the internet is flooded with tons of repetitive information, your content needs to be fresh and updated. So, before you just start jotting down content on your website, you need to find what your competitors are writing and focus on writing more informative or helpful articles than them.
  • Optimize your Content Well: Your content should be well optimized for the Search Engines to crawl your website for indexing them on particular keywords. In simple words, you will have to focus on SEO Writing without compromising the quality of your articles.
  • Make your Blog Mobile Friendly: Yes, you will need to learn a few basics of Off-Page SEO which includes Optimising your Blog for Mobiles. You should know searches from mobile phones are way more than from a pc, so if your blog isn’t mobile-friendly, your blog won’t rank well on Google. So, ensure your blog is user-friendly for mobile users as well.

Blogging is a self-paced journey that is easy to start but challenging to sustain. And, if you want to sustain as a blogger in the longer run, you have to be one step ahead of your competitors.

About the Author:

Chetan Sharma is a professional digital marketer and blogger at heart. He owns multiple educational blogs like Selina Concise and many others