Marijuana strains are categorized mainly into two strains or species, Indica and Sativa. What common users don’t know is that both strains are entirely different. A third strain called ruderalis is often included by some however if you ask any purist cannabis connoisseur, it is only Indica and Sativa. But crossing these two types of strains, a hybrid will be created. So how can we tell them apart? Let’s take a look at the simple differentiation. Simply put, Indica gives the user a body high meaning it has a stoner effect which gives the user a sedated feeling, while the best Sativa strains are more of a cerebral effect where one’s mood is uplifted and the users feel an energy boost go through his mind and body. That being said,

Indica and Sativa Differentiated by Appearance

Sativa Strain Appearance

Sativa is usually found in the tropical areas near the equator. They are used to being in temperate climates where humidity is high and the weather is quite sunny and warm. They grow to a maximum of 10 to 12 feet in height where its branches stretch out as if reaching the sky. This is a normal occurrence in plants when they are growing under the canopy of the jungle as they tend to lengthen themselves to reach the much-needed sunlight. This natural phenomenon is called etiolation. The plant’s leaves and buds are spread far apart, also growing in an upward direction. The Sativa strain is usually best grown outdoors as they usually tend to grow high and need a lot of room to grow. Concerning its leaf shape, the Sativa leaf is thin. This is the appearance of the universally known cannabis leaf usually found printed in shirts, caps, and mugs.

Indica Strain Appearance

The Indica strain grows much shorter compared to the Sativa. They look bushier than lanky. They can only grow to a maximum of 5 to 6 feet in height and have more lateral growth making it a space-consuming strain. But what this plant lacks in size, it makes up for its ability to yield a higher amount of buds as they produce more buds than the Sativa. This strain is a favorite among cannabis farmers as this is a sturdy, almost pest and disease-resistant plant (aside from producing higher yields). Its general plant shape resembles the same appearance of a pine tree (think Xmas tee) where it starts with a pointy top and grows denser as it reaches the lower part. Buds produced by the Indica are much denser and “heartier” than their counterpart Sativa, making it an above normal yielding plant. You will know an Indica cannabis plant if you see one, their fate leaf shape still has the multiple fern-like structures but their individual leaf fronds are much fatter compared to the skinny Sativa.

Medical Indica compared to Medical Sativa Effects

In a nutshell, Indicas are a good medical option to aid patients suffering from disorders related to sleep and pain because of its highly sedative, tranquil effects, While Sativa is used as a medical option to treat patients suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety because of its mood uplifting qualities and energy-boosting characteristics. Sativa also has good focusing effects which make the patient pay more attention to detail and concentrate on one task or thought at a time.

Medical Effects and Therapeutic Aid of Sativa

Sativa has an uplifting effect on the patient. His moods are raised and his outlook suddenly becomes positive where all the cynical thoughts are washed away. The Patients energy is boosted making him feel alive and happy to move about. These effects are mainly used to treat patients with depression, anxiety, and stress. Bothersome thoughts that lead to depression and stress are temporarily removed and replaced with happy, content, and mood-elevating conviction.

Medical Effects and Therapeutic Aid of Indica

Indica marijuana strains are often associated with deep relaxation, putting patients in a tranquil, serene state. Users usually find themselves drifting mindlessly away from the real world where anything toxic is not welcome. Oftentimes, patients are put into a couch-locked state where an after effect could be putting you into a deep thoughtless slumber. This profound state of calmness is used as a medical cannabis option to treat anxiety and those patients suffering from pain and insomnia. The stress and anxiety of agonizing in pain are temporarily taken away by relaxing and sedating the whole body. The entire body is completely numbed out of pain giving the muscles time to recuperate and relax. In short, the effects of Indica is more of a physical high.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind og high you prefer, there will always be a strain there that will suit you perfectly, Now that we have explained the difference and effects of each strain. You can now go out and buy cannabis which will suit our mood for the day.