MejorTorrent is among the best torrent sites on the internet. However, for many years it has been struggling with law-officials to survive and that is why it has to make changes to its domain. Here, we are going to offer you the best 100% working MejorTorrent proxies as well as some of the best MejorTorrent alternatives to download movies and TV shows.

MejorTorrent : Everything You Need to Know

Downloading movies from torrent sites is not a new thing. With a lot of options available on the internet, users are able to download movies and TV shows or other content from any torrent websites. But choosing the right torrent is necessary. It guarantees to provide safe torrent with high-speed download trackers and peers. MejorTorrent is one of the most trusted and safe torrent websites in Latin America and other parts of the world. Since the site is available in Spanish, it is perfect to find Spanish dubbed movies and TV shows.

Similar to other significant torrents like KickassTorrent, DivxTotal, RARBG, The Pirate Bay, and others, MejorTorrent is on the radar of officials and Google. That is why site owners have to change the domain extension name very often. But the question arises – should you trust the MejorTorrent proxies and mirror links available online?

MejorTorrent Is Blocked, How to Access It?

In many regions, MejorTorrent is blocked so users cannot access its original URL. Due to copyright infringement, sites like MejorTorrent are always in trouble and sometimes even inaccessible. But there are always solutions available on the internet. Yes, you can easily access MejorTorrent with its working proxies. Here are the 100% working MejorTorrent proxies:

How to Download Torrent Files from MejorTorrent?

This is a P2P sharing service so, the number of seeds on a particular torrent file decides the downloading speed of the file. The more the seeders are, the more speed you get. Normally, you need a high-speed internet connection to download from MejorTorrent and similar sites like MejorTorrent.

You need a torrent client installed on your phone or PC. When you download a torrent file link or click on a magnet link of the file, it will redirect to the torrent client. Then you have to grant permission to save the file and your file begins to download. Utorrent and qBittorrent are the most trusted torrent client.

The Best MejorTorrent Alternatives 2020

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the eldest torrents and being the most trusted, it is the best alternative to MejorTorrent. This torrent site is to provide all kinds of content including movies, series, software, music albums, and much more. Due to the large number of users who daily access this digital download platform, it has a big community and popularity worldwide, making it one of the best MejorTorrent alternatives.

The Pirate Bay, although it has had to face some issues due to the illegal hosting of content, has managed to overcome the problems by staying at an apex level of positioning in the torrent world, receiving millions of daily visits. Not only offers an extensive collection of English movies and TV shows, but it also has content in every language including Spanish. In some regions, it is blocked but users can use a VPN to access it.


YTS is a resurrection of YIFY torrents. If you want movies with high-speed downloading trackers and peers then this could be one of the best MejorTorrent alternatives. The audio and video quality are excellent along with subtitles in various languages. In addition, it keeps its content constantly updated, in this way, you can access all the latest movies instantly.

YTS is a portal that offers a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The site offers content well-organized in multiple genres so, users find it easier to find any movie title. Although the presence of ads is quite discreet, it would still be good if you activate the AdBlock extension on your web browser.


Just like MejorTorrent, DivxTotal is a very prominent Spanish torrent site to provide movies and shows in a dubbed version and with Spanish subtitles. The site is online for the last few months and with its extensive collection of all kinds of content, it remains popular among Spanish-speaking users. DivxTotal is available in Spanish but users can use it by translation. The user interface is very easy and simple to find everything users want.

With the search option, users can find any movie title. Since it has already a big community, the numbers of seeders on every torrent file are very high. Its black theme is intuitive. There is no risk of fake files or viruses since all the files are checked by the users. Every fake or malicious torrent file is checked and reports by the users in the comment box. So, it can be one of the best alternatives to Mejortorrent (mejoralternativa a MejorTorrent).


This torrent site has gained a lot of popularity in the last middle of the last decades. After the ban of kickass torrents,, and other major torrent sites, RARBG became the favorite of all the users across the internet. The simple interface with easy search features and the massive collection of all kinds of media files was the ingredient that made this site popular.

This can be one of the top MejorTorrent alternatives because this site also offers a large number of files in the Spanish language. This torrent site is available in English but it has got even more torrent files than MejorTorrent. In the absence of MejorTorrent, RARBG is among the best choice.


When you are looking for similar sites like MejorTorrent (sitios similarescomoMejorTorrent) then EliteTorrent shouldn’t be missed. Similar to MejorTorrent, this torrent site offers a massive collection of high-quality movies and TV series torrent downloads for free. EliteTorrent was shut down in Spain due to legal issues, it is back online since mid-2020. The new EliteTorrent proxy domain site has adopted a similar UI and offers an extension for web browsers like Google Chrome.

The prime focus of this MejorTorrent alternative is movies and TV shows. All the content available here is dubbed in Spanish or comes with Spanish subtitles. Different categories and genres are mentioned at the top of the sites so, users can find any movie or series quickly. Additionally, every title shows the video quality resolution and the file size so users can decide to download/or not to download the file without checking to open the title page. So, this can be a great torrent site to download movies and TV series in Spanish.

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