There are many sites available on the Internet for downloading ROM video games. However, there are also some sites which contain malware, corrupted links and many unwanted pop-ups which is very frustrating to see and also it is not good for our PC’s security perspective.

Hence, we find out few Safe ROM Sites for protecting your PC from unwanted malware, viruses and corrupted files. We analyze the all this website and find out some excellent and  safe ROM sites which you can use without any worry.

Best Safe ROM Sites in 2020

Here we conduct best 5 safe ROM sites which do not contain any malware, viruses, corrupted files and pop-ups.

ROM Hustler 

ROM Hustler is the best Mobile friendly site, it is most comfortable and safe site for those people who wants to access ROM files using their mobile. ROM Hustler is well managed and popular site for downloading the ROMs.


ROM Hustler has fewer pop-ups so it increases the user experience of the user. Also, this site is safe and its files don’t contain any viruses. ROM Hustler also shows the number of downloads and customer rating score of all softwares, hence you can easily find relevant file.

ROM Hustler’s catalogue of emulator and ROMs is listed alphabetically, so we can easily find out any software or ROMs without any manual searching. Also, this site contains a search box so we can quickly find out any ROM files and Emulators using this Search box.


Gamulator is a very popular site for downloading ROMs, it is very famous among in new generation. Gamulator stays updated with latest ROM and emulators.


Interface of Gamulator is professional and you can easily navigate whatever your needs. We can download files directly or we can use Download manager for more security and increasing the speed of downloading files. Gamulator security level is good, so we can download any ROM without any worry of viruses.

Gamulator also contains Search Box in the site, so we can quickly and easily navigate to the file which we want. The Site has a large amount of catalogue of ROMs, emulator and types of games.

Cool ROM

Cool ROM is a great choice for that people who are new in emulation, the site provides a video tutorial which is helpful before you start downloading the file. We can access the Cool ROM in almost all devices like windows, iOS, android, and Mac.


Cool ROM has a huge thousands of ROMs library which contains different types of ROMs and Emulator within it. Cool ROM also includes features like sorted by highest rating, frequently download and different types of consoles for you so you can easily find out the best ROM for gaining great experience. It also contains search bar, so we can quickly navigate to the any ROM’s whatever we need. Cool ROM also displays game previews, screen shot and videos, so you can easily select suitable ROM for yourself.


Retrostic is also a well-known platform for finding the best ROMs. This site has almost all ROMs and Emulators, so we do not need to navigate the many different websites to find the ROMs we need. Retrostic has a huge catalogue of ROMs and Emulator, so you can find any ROM for almost any console.

best-safe-rom-sites-for-downloading-romsRetrostc has user friendly and well managed user interface, so we just have to go to the console, pick the game and direct download the ROM.

ROM Collector

ROM Collector has a various different types of ROMs and Emulators. Also, ROM collector has a BIOS for many systems like Sony, Xbox, Neo Geo etc. For upgrading your vintage experience, ROM Collector has types of emulators and firmwares.


You can easily track particular ROMs which you are looking for and also to download the right ROM file for your specific console. ROM Collector also contains hyperspin hard drives and downloadble game sets for your computer and arcade.

Final Words:

In this article, we explained the importance of safe sites for downloading the ROMs and emulators. Also, we have listed the 5 best safe ROM sites for downloading the ROMs safely.