The key feature of an engine mount is to absorb the shocks and vibrations produced when the engine is operating. Properties of the engine mount that avoids vibrations are essential to prevent any kind of damage to the engine.

So, if an engine mount is so crucial, it will have to be replaced from time to time without fail. What happens when your engine mount needs to be replaced, how to know that you need an engine mount replacement? That’s exactly what we are going to be talking about in this article.

What happens when you don’t change engine mounts? 

One thing you need to remember is that no matter how great the quality of your engine mount is, it will need a replacement once in a while. If you fail to replace the engine in time, it can cause damage to the engine. The vehicle won’t run as smooth and driving around will be a bit risky if the engine is not secured.

How long will an engine mount last? 

Normally, an engine mount lasts for quite a while, it will not need any sorts of repairs until 5 to 7 years. But don’t wait for such a long time, go for regular checks when you get the vehicle serviced. You will definitely go for a vehicle servicing or any other vehicle check once in a while so just throw in the task of getting the engine mount checked.

Signs that your engine mount needs a replacement 

If you start to notice any of the below mentioned signs repeatedly, I think it’s time you get an engine mount replacement. Do not ignore them at any cause because it can lead to bigger and dangerous issues.

Bumpier ride 

A bad engine mount can cause trouble when starting the engine and changing from one gear to the other. You will experience a jolt when changing gears, it will also happen when you are traveling at a faster pace as the engine would have to work a lot harder.

You will definitely know by sitting in the car if the ride is smooth or not. In case you are experiencing a bit of a bumpier ride, it definitely goes down to the point that you should get the engine mount checked. It might happen due to other reasons as well, so go to a mechanic first and find out what the issue is before getting an engine mount replacement.

An increase in vibrations 

An engine mount works to prevent vibrations and shocks that are produced when the engine is operating. So, if you tend to notice a lot of vibrations in the vehicle, most of the time it’s because of a worn-out engine mount.

When an engine mount is damaged, the property of it that prevents vibrations is also damaged. Increased amounts of vibrations result in the production of much more noise than usual. If you start to notice such signs, do not ignore it, if the situation continues for a long time, the engine will be way too damaged to be able to fix.

Experiencing a rocky start 

You can tell if the engine is intact or not by starting it and paying attention to the reaction. If you are experiencing a bit of a rocky start, it might be because of a wide range of reasons. When you start the engine and it doesn’t feel very natural and healthy, it definitely has to do a lot with the engine mount.

By reducing the vibrations in the engine, an engine mount also contributes towards a healthy start to the engine. So, when you notice the engine is not so smoothly starting, there is quite a bit of a chance that the engine mount is worn out. The lurch that you experience turns into a constant vibration and you may also experience it when turning off the ignition.

Are you hearing Impact noises? 

When the engine mount is worn out, you will often experience clunks and bangs in the engine bay. This happens because the engine moves around more than it should and makes contact with the other components and results in the production of louder noises.

All of the noises that are produced from the vehicle are not related to engine mounts. Slight noises are pretty normal, but if you tend to hear loud noises out of the engine regularly, get it checked. It might not always be related to the engine mount, but the problem should be given some attention.

Visual wear out 

When used for a long time, the metal part in the engine mount changes its appearance a little bit. A little bit of a difference is okay, but if you tend to notice cracks, significant corrosion, the condition will be the same on the inside, so consider replacing the engine mount.

The shape and form of the engine mount play an important role when it comes to its functioning. If the shape is damaged in any form, it will cause a lot of damage to the engine. If you notice any kind of serious visual wear out, consider an engine mount replacement.

Reasons behind why an engine mount needs replacement 

Several reasons result in the need for an engine mount replacement; a few of them are discussed below.

  • If the initial installation of the engine mount is improper, it results in the need for a replacement sooner.
  • Sometimes, the engine mounts you have purchased from the manufacturer can be worn out. So, in such cases, you will need a replacement a lot quicker.
  • Your driving can also have an impact on the engine mounts, over-revving of the gears and improper use of the clutch results in an engine mount replacement.
  • If the vehicle has been in an accident, though there are not many visual cracks, the mounts might have moved around a little which will need a replacement as soon as possible.
  • In case there are any oil or fluid leaks on to the mount, it results in a premature mount failure.