Prankowl app is a prank app has high-quality graphics and sounds and HD animations. Your online destination to fulfill your pranking desires. Prankowl app can also be used to confuse your friends or to prod them by making fun with playing at night and let your friends scared of listening owl sounds while there were unable to see any owl around your friends.

This app contains so much fun and entertainment. Your children will cheer up playing the different owl sounds in this application. Here we have some alternative sites like Prankowl application with this app help you can do more prank on your friends and others.

Best 5 Sites Like Prankowl

1#: Prank hotline

If you are from the US or Canada and looking for another alternative to Prankowl, then the next one would be prank hotline. This website also provides you with the free prank call token. Here, you will get 3 free prank call token when you get registered the first time. And you can find that thousands of people using the facility of the free prank call service provided by prank hotline per day.

2#: Comedy calls

This website is very easy to use for send prank calls. Here are the categories of this site that you can search your moody prank like Romance, politics, Viral, and music. All you need to do is to select a prank that you want to send, then enter your friend number and click on send now. Follow this step, a call would be sent to your friends from some other number here upon; your identity is not concealed to the hunt. You would be required to have credit for sending the pranks to your friend. Comedy Calls can only be used for US and Canada numbers only upon it is restricted for other countries.

3#: Easy Prank

One of the best websites for carrying out the successful prank call is an easy prank. You will love this application for its very simple interface such as Prankowl, which makes it easy for you to find the prank of your dreams. You can quickly preview each prank and choose to send it for prank calls is incredibly easy on this stage. There is no need to signup to pay anything for free calls. Hence you must have to try this website as a mood changer for free with your friends you have to try this and let us know in the comments below.

4#: Prank Dial

After sites like Prankowl, this is the most famous and used site. This site is an original prank call site over the internet. You will love to send a prank calls to your family members, friends even strangers too you will fall in love with this site also their recording is on very high quality. As a result of which, you true identify will not be revealed. The best part of this app you can achieve free tokens by a new users. You can also download this app and send your friend threw social media as well.

5#: Prank Call nation

Prank call nation can really be a true alternative to “prankowl” and be one of the best sites like prankowl. In this app you can shows podcasts; youtube videos and other amazingly cool stuff. They also have a chat option that could be used by anyone. All you need just follow the basic chat rules and you are good to go.  That entire master in-app is this application this is one-stop destination for all the prank call lovers. So grab this and fun with your target.

Final Words

Here, we have top-five sites like prankowl which you can use to prank your friends, colleague, and family member. These all five sites are easy to use with a simple interface. So, choose your favorite site among the list and start pranking.