Motorcycling is an incredibly fun and stylish way to get around, or simply enjoy yourself. Feeling the wind gust over you as you speed down open roads allows you to feel free, powerful and filled with energy, after all. However, knowing how to enjoy the hobby in a way that’s safe, both for you and everyone else on the road, is incredibly important. Both beginners and experienced riders will benefit from a primer on motorcycle safety. To provide exactly this, here are eight essential safety tips for motorcyclists:

1. Always Check the Weather

Before you get on the road, it’s essential that you check the weather conditions for the duration of your expected ride. Harsh winds, heavy rain and snow all present major hazards for those riding motorcycles. By following this one tip, you will ensure you do not have an accident, or cause an accident due to losing control of your motorcycle.

2. Make Sure You’re Always Visible

While it sounds obvious, it can be difficult for vehicles to see you if you ride your motorcycle in a careless, unaware fashion. Even a split-second moment of confusion from you or a motorist can cause major accidents, after all. To ensure you’re visible, never drive in peoples’ blind spots, and drive with your headlights on (even during the day). Additionally, make sure you always use your turn signals properly. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being in an accident that’s not your fault, be sure to contact the professionals at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, and they’ll help you gain the restitution you deserve.

3. Take a Safety Course Before Riding

Even if you feel as though you’ve got all the skills you need as a rider, taking a basic safety course before actually getting on the open road is highly recommended (and is even required in some locations). Be sure to take this course seriously, and pay close attention. Even if you think you know everything, it’s likely you’ll pick up safety knowledge that could save your life later on. Keeping fit and active is also incredibly important for motorcycle safety, as it ensures you have the strength to properly handle your motorcycle. 

4. Always Wear Proper Gear

It’s not uncommon to see people riding motorcycles without a helmet or proper safety gear. However, this does not mean it’s either lawful or safe. Without the proper gear on, even a minor wreck can prove fatal. If you fail to wear the proper clothes, you’ll experience extreme burns in the case that you fall off or have to come to a skidding stop. Thankfully, most motorcycle helmets and safety gear look radical, so you’ll look sharp while you’re ensuring you remain safe.

5. Obey Traffic Laws and Signals

Another obvious tip, but one that is deadly important. Even if you think you can get through a light, or you won’t hurt anybody by ignoring a sign, you’re actively putting yourself and others in danger when you fail to follow traffic laws. Tickets are also more expensive than many riders can handle, especially with inflation hanging over their heads. Keep your bank account and yourself safe by always following traffic laws and signals when riding your motorcycle.

6. Check Your Motorcycle Before Each Ride

Even if you think your motorcycle is in tip-top shape, it’s important you do a thorough check of your bike each time you get on it. Doing so will help you stay up to date with any needed maintenance issues (which will keep you safe and save you money), and ensure you do not run into a sudden mechanical issue while on the road. After all, mechanical issues can be much more dangerous for motorcyclists, when compared to drivers who are using larger motor vehicles. If you’re riding a fancy new electric motorcycle, you’ll want to check your bike’s charge as well.

7. Keep a Safe Distance From Other Vehicles

This tip is essential for everyone driving, no matter what type of motor vehicle they’re in. When it comes to motorcyclists, the need to keep a safe distance is even more drastic, as a collision with a larger vehicle is nearly certain to result in serious injury, or even death. Make sure you keep at least four bike-lengths between you and any other vehicle or bike on the road to ensure you drive safely.

8. Pack a First-Aid Kit for Every Ride

Even if you have a minor fall, the amount of rubble or gravel that can get into your wounds has the potential to result in infections and greater pain if not cleaned quickly. By having a first-aid kit, you’ll have an immediate way to patch up your injuries before seeking any further needed medical attention. Additionally, having one on hand will allow you to assist anyone else on the road that needs help.

Stay Safe On the Open Road

With these eight tips, you’ll have a safe, thrilling time on your motorcycle in this upcoming year. Even if you feel that you already knew these eight tips, reminding yourself of them from time to time is essential to ensuring you always implement them into your riding ritual. Thankfully, motorcyclists are taking safety more seriously than they have in decades, so the road is safer for motorcyclists than ever.