If you are a game lover then one day earlier you played this fighting game the name is “Mugen”. It is a free 2D fighting game that allows you to create your own character or download a character from the Internet and you can select screen from the menu or custom selection screens. Mugen is also known as M.U.G.A.N and the game has a separate fan base with a lot of users who loved to play this game.

Moreover, the game has many characters available by the user-created you just have to download and use it for free. Most of the Mugen characters are downloaded as a zip file. then you have to do that unzip that file with WinRAR and put that character in the Mugen game folder. Now, to know deeply about this process follow the below steps.

Follow the Steps to add Mugen characters:

add Mugen characters

Here, are the steps to add custom characters to the Mugen.

Step 1#: first of all, you have to download the Mugen character files for the character which you want to add in-game. These Character packs come in Zip or RAR format.

Step 2#: Open the downloaded file with the program WinZip or WinRAR. Because you download the Zip file and that is open with this type of program only.

Step 3#: Now, when you open that file you can see the Extract file button click on it. After the extract process completion checks your files.

Step 4#: One of the important things is when checking your new character DEF file this filename must have the same as the folder that contains it.

EX: if the folder name is “LINK_3D”, then the DEF file name should be “LINK_3D.def”.

Step 5#: After that, Open your MUGEN installation folder where you extract you extracted your MUGEN files after downloading. Then Copy the new character’s folder to the char folder where 4 folders already exist.

Step 6#: Next, Open the “.data” folder in your Mugen files folder. Where the MUGEN emulator control file available. Now, open the “select.def” file in notepad and Find the “characters” section. Where you can find a list of all the character files that have been added to your game.

Step 7#: The most crucial part of this process is to give a name to the folder name for your new character. You have to type a name here which must match the character’s DEF file name.

For example, if you’re new character’s folder name is LINK_3D, type LINK_3D in the “Characters” section.

Step 8#: After the completion name-giving process set character order for arcade mode. And to give order to your character is a very easy method; this order determines where the character will appear in arcade mode.

For example, by default, Mugen’s Arcade mode provides you six opponents from Order 1 and opponents, one from Order 2, Order 3 and opponents, and continue. You can set the character as an order from 1 to 10. The game can randomly create character whenever it is necessary. Add “character.def” to the end of the character’s entry in the file, command = #.

Final Words

I hope you understand the process nicely and Adding a new character to Mugen. It is not that much hard no doubt it will take a short time to do some edits in the configuration files. If you face any problem while adding characters to the Mugen then please let us know in the comment section below. We are happy to help you.