Even though diamonds are looked upon as jewelry, they are much more than just that. Namely, just the fact that it is the hardest known element in the world speaks volumes, and when we add how much time is required for a diamond to form and all the things required for its excavation to this equation, it’s pretty simple why its price is so high.

On the other hand, we luckily live in a world where technology advances so rapidly that today, even creating diamonds in a lab is possible. Now, for many years there has been a huge dispute about whether man-made diamonds can be compared to natural ones, but when we look at the properties of both types, we can come to the conclusion that these two types are the same. Yes, everything from the hardness to chemical, physical, to optical properties is the same, and the only thing different is the nitrogen that can be found in natural diamonds and cannot be found in lab-made ones.

Understandably, the price also differs, but that’s just because of the process of how diamonds are created, as it is much less costly and less time-consuming to create one in a lab. That’s just one small example of how these two types of diamonds are similar, and to help you understand all of this better, let’s go through some facts and specifics of man-made diamonds.

They are equally strong

Many people think that lab-made ones are weaker than those formed in nature, but they are wrong. Yes, both types are equally strong, and as we have already mentioned, their properties match absolutely, which means they are completely the same. That is the main reason why the price of even man-made ones is still relatively high, but it is still far less than natural ones, which makes them much more affordable. Diamonds are considered one of the strongest materials in the world, and it does not change, no matter whether they are created in the lab or mined from the Earth’s surface.

They are eco friendly

We all know that mining as it is pollutes nature, as it is highly delicate. From the aspect of our environment, mining, in general, has a big role in increasing the overall level of pollution. On the other hand, creating diamonds in a lab does not require using strong chemicals, for example, but there is something many people overlook. Namely, much energy is needed if we want to create nature’s hardest element in a lab, which is also something we must take into consideration. The amount of power needed to create a diamond in a lab is huge, and since we are still mostly dependent on power plants for electricity, this also means that creating any diamond pollutes our planet. Of course, doing so in a lab is far less harmful, but it is still something worth mentioning and considering when making the final decision.

They are less costly

Okay, we all know that when you buy natural diamonds, you are buying something that will last forever, but we can say the same thing about man-made ones. Both types are equally pure and equally durable, meaning that, for starters, they will not get cloudy. The price doesn’t always show the perfect picture, and just because the price of lab-made ones is smaller doesn’t mean that any aspect of it isn’t the same as its natural companion. However, it is important to know that lab-made lose their value at the moment you buy them, so it can be almost impossible to resell them after some time, and even if you succeed, the amount of money you get would be far less than you paid for them. On the other side, when reselling the natural one, it is possible to get about 50% of its market value at the moment of selling.

They go through the same tests

For people who do not know a lot about diamonds but want to buy one of them, it is necessary to explain that these precious stones need to pass different tests before finding their place in jewelry stores. These tests are the same for both types of diamonds, which means they are valued by the same criteria, and the reason for that is simple – as we have already mentioned, they are completely the same. That is why we cannot spot any differences with the bare eye since these tests check their clarity, strength, and durability, and since they have the same results in these tests, it is impossible to find the difference with a simple look.

They are eternal

It is not an exaggeration when we say that diamonds are eternal, and this refers to both types since, as we have already mentioned, they are one of the strongest materials that can be found or made. They cannot get cloudy over time, and the most interesting is that they are impossible to scratch, which is why they are a perfect stone for every piece of jewelry. The only way to damage them is to use another diamond, as nothing else in the world is strong enough to do that. Thanks to that, they are practically eternal, and once we buy some of them, they can last forever and look stunning even after a few centuries.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there is no difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds, as they look exactly the same, and both types will last forever. Although many people are worried that they are not strong as the natural ones, there is no need to worry, as they have the same strength and durability. The only difference is the price, and it is where lab-grown ones have the advantage because they are far cheaper and still have the same characteristics. Regarding that, if you are searching for a piece of jewelry that will be noticed wherever you go and still want to save some money, Man made diamonds can be the best choice for you.