Combin and Aigrow are some of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.  They have quite a few tools that can help you achieve great feats on Instagram. Using their tools will help you gain engagement on Instagram. Throughout this article, we have focused on the key features provided by both of these platforms. This article aims to help you decide the best platform for your account.

1.  Combin

●    Scheduling

Scheduling your posts is one of the best ways to ensure that your posts are published on time. Using a scheduling tool helps you to plan out what you want to post in terms of content in advance. The tool helps you to plan content and line them up for months. When using the tool you get support for both posts and stories. The tools automate posting your content. When you use the tool you do not have to make any manual inputs to post your content. The tool posts the content you have scheduled at the exact date and time that you have selected. When using the scheduler, you can add locations and hashtags to your posts to improve your instagram engagement. Using the scheduler helps you to gain engagement on Instagram easily.

●    Tools

Combin offers several useful tools that make them one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. They have an excellent tool that helps to select a target audience. They provide quite a few options that act as parameters to define your target audience. You can select the gender, languages, and other demographic filters. They have tools that use machine learning to help you weed out poor-quality accounts. This helps you to stop wasting time on these accounts. These accounts do not engage with you so there is no point in putting effort to interact with them. They have many more features available. One of the most used features is mass viewing of stories. This tool automatically views many stories at once. This helps you to boost your engagement.

●    Analytics

Combin has great analytic tools that help you make sense of the data that you receive from Instagram. Their services allow you to see do not follow you back. This service also allows you to unfollow them. They even check the quality of your Instagram audience. They check your followers to find out how many meaningful interactions you have. The highlight the accounts that are spam and not active on the platform. Using their analysis tools you can even find the ideal influencer for your brand. Promoting with an influencer that suits your target audience will give you better results. Your money will be better utilized by partnering up with the correct influencer.

●    Pricing

Combin has a free package to give people a trailer of what they have to offer. This free package comes with some essential features that will help you manage your Instagram account. Their free package has some great tools but falls short of the amazing features offered by the paid packages. The paid packages provide you with the features present in the free package along with many more tools. Paid plans are most suitable for you if you are serious about Instagram and want a detailed analysis. They charge a relatively low fee for the amazing services that they provide.  For 15 dollars a month you get access to their starter package. If you want to access the entirety of their features, get the business plan. This plan costs you $30 a month and is the best package available on their website.

2.  Aigrow

●    Analysis

The data analysis tools on Aigrow are quite useful. They claim to be one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. The detailed analysis of data provides you with several key statistics. You get access to invaluable data and statistics such as post frequency, average engagement rate, follower to following ratio, and much more. Their AI tools find out the perfect hashtags and accounts that you should be following. They have a team of experts who work on your account. An Instagram growth specialist is assigned to you. He/She finds the best strategies that would help you gain engagement on Instagram and apply them to your account.

●    Tools

Aigrow provides all of its customers with a multitude of tools. Tools such as the all-in-one bio link can do wonders for your account. This tool provides you with a custom URL that can be added to your Instagram bio. This link sends people who click on it to a page that contains links to all of the different accounts or websites that you have. This is a one-click solution for all links that you have. If you want to run competitors on your account Aigrow have you covered. And running these competitions it becomes very difficult to track the winners. So if you do a contest you can ask your followers to do certain tasks such as like, comment, use hashtags, and others. Just enter these parameters to win, Aigrow sends a Dm to accounts that have completed the tasks. This DM is curated by you and contains a discount code or whatever price you have decided. These DMs are sent automatically.

●    Pricing

They have many packages available for their customers. The bundled packages start at $199 monthly. When you increase the duration of these plans the price goes down. They have packages for each tool such as separate scheduler plans, DM plans, bulk post plans. These packages start at $9 and go up to $159 monthly.


Aigrow and Combin both have spectacular features that will help to boost your account. Interacting with your audience and establishing a successful account is made easier with these websites. Both the websites have their own set of strengths and depending on your needs, you should choose the platform. Both of these platforms are safe to use and do not violate the guidelines laid down by Instagram

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