The Netflix error code 2-5 indicates that they are some issues regarding the internet connection. The Netflix nw-2-5 error code is a sign shows there is a network connectivity issue that means there is some kind of problem that we have to fix it. That means there is something stopping the device from connecting to Netflix. That could be caused by a problem with your device and network connectivity. This error not only occurs to Netflix app but also streaming devices like Blue-ray players and Roku and many of like this, including game consoles. Just follow the troubleshooting steps for your device below to resolve the issue.

Netflix nw-2-5 error

Step #1: Check internet Hardware

The network administrator may have disabled access for streaming services when you connected to a shared internet connection at some places like cinema, university, business, and hotel. Just use your network administrator if you are unsure.

Step #2: Restart you device

At first, you have to fully shut down and restart the device and you need to unplug the device for up to one minute after shutting down.

Step #3: Verify your DNS settings

Follow the steps listed below to verify your DNS settings.

  • At first go to DNS settings
  • Then go to network setting and select internet connection setting.
  • When it will conform, click on, ok
  • Click to button of custom
  • Then select wired connection
  • You can select auto-detect for the operation mode. Or if you connected via Wi-Fi, WLAN section then select enter and press right on the d pad to select IP address setting.
  • Select auto for DNS setting < automatic for MTU and click on the do not use for the proxy server then enable for UPnP
  • Save this setting by clicking the X button
  • Finally, select your test connection.

Some devices allow you to check this setting and some are not. If you are unable to check the DNS settings on your devices then you can skip this step too.

Step #4: Restart your home network

You need to shut down and unplug your internet devices to completely fix the problem.

Step 5#: Improve your Wi-Fi signal

Change your device space at another place for achieve the strongest Wi-Fi signal.

Step 6#: Contact your internet service provider

If, you are still having this problem then there may be some kind of problem with your internet connection and you can do contact to your internet service provider. I am sure they might be experiencing a larger issue.

Final Words

You can follow this guide carefully and fix Netflix nw-2-5 error on your device. We have an easy solution to tackle this error and you can continue your entertainment dose without losing more time. If you face any difficulty while solving this Netflix nw-2-5 error then let us know in the comment section below.