Individuals interested in vaping or those who have recently taken up this hobby often have questions they hesitate to ask for fear of looking dumb. They struggle to find the answers on their own or ask someone who may not be any more knowledgeable than they are. Certain questions come up again and again, and vapers need accurate answers. The following questions remain popular with individuals who want to know more about vaping.

What is a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are electronic devices such as those sold at IndeJuice capable of delivering a dose of vapor produced when an e-liquid heats up within the device. Vapers use them much like conventional cigarettes, but the vaporizer produces no smoke or odor, and the liquid used in the device contains no tar. Although similar to electronic cigarettes, vaporizers have a unique appearance, longer battery life, and a tank capable of holding more e-liquid.

In addition, users find they receive the ability to customize the device to meet their unique needs. Experienced vapers appreciate having this option. These serve as some of the many differences between electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.

The Cost of Vaping

People who are considering making the move to vaping wonder if doing so will cost them a sizeable amount of money. While a person spends more upfront to begin vaping than they do when they start smoking tobacco cigarettes, they spend less on this activity over time. When first starting, the person needs the electronic device, charging plugs, backup batteries, e-liquid in at least one flavor, and other desired accessories. Nevertheless, they won’t need to replace these items quickly if they maintain them properly.

Once they purchase the initial items, the vaper only needs to purchase e-liquids and replacement coils. Vaporizer batteries last for months, and e-liquid prices come in much lower than conventional cigarette packs or cartons. Men and women find they save in other ways as well.

Allow a lithium-ion battery to charge until the battery indicator shows full. Once the battery shows full, unplug the charger from the device and the wall. Chargers left plugged in draw phantom electricity and run the user’s bill up.

Never store the battery in direct sunlight or hot areas of the home. Don’t leave the device in the car either. High humidity drains the battery quickly, and users should never store the device for long periods with the battery attached. Separate it from the device and store the items separately. Doing so helps to extend the battery lifespan and save the user money.

How Does the Vaping Experience Differ from Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes?

People who smoke ask if the vaping experience is similar. Individuals find there are similarities and differences between the two activities. Both activities involve inhaling nicotine through the mouth, but taking a puff on a vaporizer differs greatly from puffing on a cigarette. Men and women take short, quick puffs on a cigarette. When using a vaporizer, however, they need to change their technique. Take a draw from the vaporizer and hold it in the mouth for a few seconds. Then either draw it into the lungs or exhale it through the nose and mouth. The body only absorbs nicotine from conventional cigarettes through the lungs. Vaping allows users to absorb the nicotine through the mucous membranes, first in the mouth and then in the lungs. Although this takes seconds longer, vapers quickly make the necessary adjustments.

Where Can Vape Products Be Used?

Many locations now ban the use of tobacco cigarettes. In fact, some localities want to ban the use of these products anywhere but in a person’s own home or vehicle. One reason many people first investigate vape products is they believe they can use these products anywhere. The devices don’t produce secondhand smoke and therefore people believe they can bypass the smoking ban. Nevertheless, certain locations prohibit vape products, such as hospitals, public transportation, restaurants, and more.

Nevertheless, simply because one can vape doesn’t mean they should. Always consider the environment and the circumstances. For instance, a person should avoid vaping in the presence of children, unless their parents have permitted them to do so. Use manners at all times and ask before vaping. People appreciate being given the option of allowing or prohibiting this activity in their presence and will look more favorably on vapers as a group when they are asked.

How Do You Fill the Vaporizer Tank?

Although the method used to refill the tank varies slightly by device, most vaporizers have a hole in the tank. The user accesses the hole and fills the tank, making certain to only put the liquid in the tank. If this liquid reaches other components, the device probably won’t work as intended. Read the instructions included with the vaporizer to learn the correct way to fill the purchased device.

What Ingredients Are Found in E-Liquids?

The majority of e-liquids today contain four basic ingredients: flavoring, water, nicotine, and propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). Certain e-juices incorporate both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin controls the throat hit obtained and the vapor production of the selected liquid. Users should experiment with different ratios to find the one they prefer, although the device used plays a role in which e-liquids can be used.

What is Variable Wattage/Voltage?

Users find certain devices that allow them to adjust the heat of the device atomizer manually. Doing so boosts the strengths of certain flavors, but finding the right combination takes some trial and error by the user. They must understand amps, watts, and resistance levels or they could burn out the heating coil or the e-liquid. The manufacturer website often serves as an excellent resource for those wanting to learn how to use the variable voltage/ wattage feature on their device.

If you have other questions, ask. Experience vapers and those who work in the industry love to share their knowledge with new users. Knowledge is power, especially when it can be shared with others. Keep this in mind and ask as many questions as needed so you feel comfortable. Those who do so find they have a new activity they enjoy and wish to engage in regularly.