Online streaming is enjoying great success these days. The popularity of smartphones and the easy availability of the internet has mounted the streaming platforms’ usage. Many people have already cut their cable cords and embraced online streaming services. Online streaming has given viewers access to whatever they want to watch. Netflix, Apple+, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and there are many online streaming services available for the comfort of viewers. People are getting competitive prices to opt for any of these services.

But there are some drawbacks to these premium streaming apps. The first thing is that they are paid and not all the users would want to pay a monthly or a yearly subscription fee. Second, even if a user chooses on service then, he/she would miss content available on the other platforms. And opting for all the streaming will add significant cost to users’ wallets. That is why the trend of free movie streaming websites is getting momentum these days.

Free movie sites like GranTorrent getting popular among the users. These free streaming websites are offering films and TV shows from all the major premium streaming services in one place without any cost. Ad popups are the things that you have to deal with to watch movies here. But you can bypass ads on free movie sites by installing the AdBlock extension on your web browser.

What is GranTorrent?

GranTorrent is a Spanish website to watch free movies and TV shows. Along with free streaming, this website also offers free download options for movies and TV series. A Spanish viewer must have been familiar with this free movie streaming website. But in the last few years, local governments and Google are on a mission to eliminate all the illegal websites. Since GranTorrent hosts free movies and TV shows which property of various studios, GranTorrent had to change its domain extension many times.

That is why many users are asking “why am I unable to access GranTorrent?” But there are always many fishes in the pond. If you are unable to open GranTorrent then there are many similar sites like GranTorrent where you can watch free movies and series.

How to Watch Movies on GranTorrent?

Many users have questions in mind, for instance, is GranTorrent blocked? How should I access GranTorrent? What are the working GranTorrent Proxies or Mirror links of GranTorrent?

If you want to access GranTorrent then you can visit the links given below that are the best proxies of Grantorrent:

The Best Alternatives to GranTorrent in 2020

Compared to streaming platforms, these free websites have a great advantage that they do not require any kind of subscription payment, so anyone can access them.


This can be one of the best alternatives to GranTorrent when it comes to offering a collection of movies and TV shows. Pubfilm offers movies in English, Spanish, Latin Spanish, and some other languages. Just like GranTorrent, users get the option for free downloading as well as free streaming.

This GranTorrent alternative is available for One advantage this site has over GranTorrent is that it offers movies, TV series, plus, Anime. All the titles are available in HD quality and with the best servers. If you are looking for all the catalog in one place then Pubfilm is really the best option.


This free movie website is also popular among the English-Speaking audience. PelisPedia is one of the best websites to watch free films and series in Spanish thus, it can be among the best alternatives to GranTorrent. This site is popular for offering the best video players with multiple quality selection options.

PelisPedia can be visited at Many English movies are available with Spanish subtitles and some are even available in Spanish dubbed versions. All Hollywood hits, Netflix originals, and extensive content are available here. The interface and the servers make sure that users can find any movie they want and stream seamlessly.


This is a free movie streaming service that is available as an app as well as a website. PopcornTime is among the popular free streaming services and it is undoubtedly the best GranTorrent alternative. It is available in multiple languages and the collection of movies and TV shows is gathered from all the countries so, you would definitely find the Spanish series and movies here.

PopcornTime can be downloaded on Windows and Android devices as an app. All the catalog on the website can be accessed with a few clicks. You just need to select any title and then, the application servers begin to download directly through torrents so that the content is reproduced with better quality and without obstacles.


As GranTorrent offers free streaming as well as an option to download movies and TV series, DivxTotal can also be the best alternative to GranTorrent. DivxTotal doesn’t allow its users to stream videos but offers a free download option. This is a torrent site and users do not have to worry about quality since this GranTorrent alternative offers all the movies and series in high-quality.

DivxTotal can be accessed at Along with the Spanish catalog of movies and TV shows, users can also download English content, games, eBooks, software, and many more things. The prime focus of this similar site like GranTorrent is purely Spanish so, you will definitely find the content you want.


What things make RepelisPlus one of the most popular alternatives to GranTorrent are: no excessive advertising, simple and user-friendly interface, and a massive collection of movies and TV shows. Its ease of use and the simplicity of the interface improve the experience of users who can access the site from the mobile phone as well.

RepelisPlus can be accessed at and it also an application available on the Google PlayStore for Android devices. The application is just as pleasant as the web portal and its video players offer a hassle-free streaming experience.