Scented candles are a great way to lighten up your home in an eccentric way. A dimly lit environment is relaxing because it forces your eyes to minimize the things you see. Plus, you can boost the rejuvenation and soothing effect of the candle if you put essential oils into it.

In addition, homemade gifts like scented candles are thoughtful, and the time you give to one present is a great way to show your care to your loved ones.

And if you indeed want to know how to make a scented candle, then the article I have prepared for today is especially just for you!

So without further ado, let’s begin…

First Step: Gather the Materials and Tools You’ll Need

Before you get started in making a scented for personal purposes or as a gift, you need to gather the essentials and tools needed for the process, which includes the following—

  • Natural and environmental-friendly candle wicks
  • Soy flake waxes
  • Essential oils
  • Mason jars or custom silicone molds, your choice
  • Pencil or chopsticks for anchoring the wicks of the candle and stirring the liquefied wax solution

Second Step: Melt the Wax

The initial steps of the process require you to melt the wax. And the way you can do so is by putting the soy flake wax inside a pot and heating it over low-medium heat.

As you would see, the wax will melt relatively quickly, but you may have to increase the heat if it’s taking a long time to dissolve as it should. And as you are waiting for the wax to melt, you have to stir them using a chopstick to obtain the proper consistency.

You really don’t need a thermometer for this process. All you have to be doing is to pay attention to the consistency of the wax solution and make sure that it won’t burn.

Third Step: Pour In the Essential Oils

Once you have the proper consistency, you can now pour the essential oils into the pot and mix 80 to 120 drops into the heated solution. Also, stir them thoroughly after doing so in order for them to blend well.

The essential oil drop mentioned is only a suggestion, and you can put in as many drops as you wish, depending on the potency of the candles’ aroma.

Fourth Step: Prepare the Anchor Wicks

Now, position the anchor wicks on the bottom of the Mason jar in a standing position. Use a pencil or chopstick and tape the wicks to the items to position them as you like and before you pour the wax solution.

Or, if you are using custom silicone molds, then you only have to lay anchor wicks down horizontally accordingly.

After you have perfectly placed them in position, you can now pour the wax solution. Pour them slowly but surely in order to prevent the overflow of wax or to misalign the anchor wicks.

Fifth Step: Let it Dry

The last step of the process is just to allow the candle wax to dry. If you are using custom silicone molds, you indeed have to let the solution dry before removing them from the mold.

Removing the wax before it dries up will ruin the entire process, and you may have to repeat the entire process.


Scented candles can help you in creating a relaxing environment. Also, they make an excellent gift to your loved ones and friends because they assume thoughtfulness and care.

Making scented candles isn’t as complicated. All you need are the right items and know-how in order to perfect the craft.