The iPhone’s iMessage function is a fantastic messaging platform that allows you to send and receive messages with various unique features. One of the most incredible features is that you can send texts to other iOS, Mac, or Windows users. It’s the same way that Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger function. But the difference between iMessage and those platforms is that users cannot delete messages sent from their end. 

There are a couple of reasons why you should delete messages sent from your iPhone. Maybe you sent out a message by mistake, or maybe you don’t want others to be able to access your previously sent messages at all. You can use this simple trick to remove any message sent or received on your iPhone permanently.

How To Delete Messages on iPhone?

1. Delete Message Threads on your iPhone:

Go to Settings > Message on your iPhone.

Under Message Options, select ‘Delete All’ and then select ‘Delete’ on the next screen to confirm.

2. Delete Messages on iPhone:

Once your message thread has been deleted, you can access it right from the main message list and delete it all at once instead of having to do it manually by selecting each message. To do so, hold down the “Bold” key while selecting any of these messages.

3. Delete Messages from Other Accounts:

Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts. Here, you can switch from the current account to your other accounts. As you switch to your other accounts, all messages sent and received will be displayed for each account, including Gmail and Facebook. Scroll through the list of messages and delete as many as you like. If you delete messages, they will disappear from the messages screen as well.

4. Delete specific texts on your iPhone:

If you only want to delete a few specific texts, you can do so by deleting the conversation. If you don’t mind losing the entire conversation, you can delete it that way too.

Select the message within the chat to delete a text and then tap More > Delete Selection. This will delete the selected text from both ends of this iMessage chat. If you only want to remove a message on your end but not your partner’s, then select More > Delete From My End instead. This will remove this message from your phone’s storage, but it will remain on your partner’s phone.

Can you Keep Messages in your iCloud?

To keep messages on your iCloud, you must delete them using your iPhone. However, this is not permanent. The messages will be removed, but they will still be stored in your iCloud account. Therefore, if you delete all of your messages from your iPhone and then resend them using iMessage, the recipient will receive them again.

Remember that even though we have this trick to delete messages on the iPhone permanently, it is still not guaranteed to work every time. There are many instances where the iPhone owner might not have deleted messages from their iPhone. Therefore, we recommend that you turn to another solution if you are looking for a permanent way to delete messages from the iPhone.

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You may think this article gives you tips for deleting messages from your iPhone, but it won’t. This is how to delete messages from your iPhone but from the other person’s side. Moreover how to delete text messages on iPhone for both sides. The article shows the process of deleting messages on both sides. 


Q: How to delete text messages on iPhone for both sides?

You can’t delete messages sent from the other side or received. If you want to delete your sent and received texts, you need to do it from the other end by deleting the whole thread.

Q: How can I delete text messages from the cloud?

To delete messages from the cloud on your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. This will give you a list of all of your sent messages. Tap on a specific thread and then tap Delete Thread. You can swipe to the left (or right) and tap Delete Messages. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete this message thread permanently. Once deleted, it cannot be recovered even if deleted for good reason.