If you use CBD regularly and are planning a trip, you might want to check if you can fly with it. What exactly are the guidelines? Which CBD product from NuLeaf is best for flying? The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has expressed support for the legality of traveling with CBD oil, stating that the requirements for flying with CBD oil within the United States are straightforward. When flying with it overseas, the rules are a little more complicated.

Here are all of the answers to your questions about flying with it.

CBD and its legality in the USA

Consider cannabis to have two main components. It is the component responsible for most cannabis’ health benefits, and it’s also the part becoming more legal. The ingredient that gives you a high and causes law enforcement to flip out is the delta (9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While smoking a joint gives both substances, products can be made without THC, removing the high. Those are well-known as its products. However, even those can include trim THC levels by accident.

CBD oil can be derived from one of two primary sources: hemp (completely legal) or marijuana (legality differs by state). It is possible to travel with hemp-derived CBD. It is because hemp was removed from the Controlled Substances Act following the approval of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“Farm Bill”), and the USDA confirmed in late 2019 that you have the freedom to carry hemp-based CBD across state lines. If you want to take it wherever you go, ensure it’s hemp-derived. Verify the regulation on medical marijuana in the area you’re going before bringing it from marijuana. Because most American jurisdictions have legalized it, you are protected at the state level, so you may have no problems as long as you don’t travel across states that have banned it.

Domestic flights in the United States are not a problem. Its oil can be taken on a plane with no problems, as long as you have the documents to prove it is lawful. International flights, on the other hand, are a very different matter. You could face penalties if your CBD oil contains even trace amounts of THC.

Can you take CBD oil on a plane?

There is no direct yes or no reply to this issue. It is debatable. Your place of origin and the restrictions at your destination are the most crucial factors. It’s good to double-check whether it is legal where you’re heading. You should also check whether you may take it out of the airport with you. The same is about flight changes. Remember that while you’re at the airport, you must follow the laws of the country you’re in. The regulations regarding its oil ownership can be a little confusing at times. As a result, it is prudent to always inquire before taking action. You can inquire about it dos and don’ts with embassy authorities, your airline company, or the customs agency. Here’s a rundown on a few rules you’ll run into in different countries.

●     European Union

Carrying CBD oil should not be an issue if you are traveling in Europe and your product is in an original bag that bears witness to its legality. Transporting or possessing CBD oil is not illegal in Europe. However, getting these things past security screening is the issue. For instance, while still in the airport, you might stumble upon a police dog who does not recognize the distinction between a hemp flower containing or not containing THC. As a result, you may be subjected to a more thorough police investigation, particularly if you don’t have a tax receipt.

●     Canada

The laws in Canada remain clear: cannabis products are not allowed to enter or leave the country. However, cannabis is legal for recreational and medical use in the country. In Canada, products with varying THC levels are legal and distributed by authorized resellers across the nation. You may rest easy knowing that every product is tested before going on the market. We advise against bringing CBD oil into Canada on a plane. When you go there, pick up some CBD oil. Make sure to specify the THC concentration you desire.

●     Asia

Cannabis-derived products are strictly regulated throughout most of Asia. They don’t differentiate between CBD and THC; instead, they lump them together. They are considered harmful and addictive by the governments in this continent. India is the only country that allows you to travel with CBD oil. On the other hand, its oil must not possess more than 0.3% THC. CBD oil with 0% THC is legal in Japan and Singapore. THC is not present in Japanese therefore, it is legal since it is THC-free. If you’re on the road, your best chance is to buy it from local vendors. If you’re not going to India, Japan, or Singapore, don’t bring it with you on a plane.

●     The Middle East

In most parts of the Middle East, there are strong prohibitions on cannabis and cannabis-derived goods. They are classified as illegal substances. CBD oil comes under this category. And the consequences of possession might land you in significant legal jeopardy. In some nations, the penalty is death, whereas, in others, a minimum of four years in prison is the sentence. In this region, Israel is the only nation that stands out. You can import its oil into Israel with a prescription, but only if you have one. Except for Israel, avoid CBD oil when visiting this region.

●     South America

Most nations in this area have classed it as a narcotic drug due to rampant narcotics trafficking difficulties. Medical CBD oil is legal in several countries, such as Brazil. In this situation, you’d have to carry your prescription with you, and the issuing physician would have to be from Brazil. However, if you’re flying into the nation, this is unlikely to apply to you, so it’s safest to leave your own at home. Likewise, medicinal CBD oil is only available to Uruguay residents. CBD oil is not legal in the majority of Caribbean islands. Except for Jamaica, the US Virgin Islands, and Antigua.


The clear-cut solution to this issue is that there isn’t one. One can seize your oil, and some of these things are costly. Alternatively, you could be detained and miss your plane. Or, like a theme park visitor, you could be wasting part of your vacation in areas that aren’t the happiest on the planet. CBD oil is commonly available worldwide. You might leave it at home and purchase it when you arrive. But, as always, the choice is yours. It depends upon your risk threshold and your stress and pain tolerance due to the lack of its oil and the existence of rules that make life more complicated than we could have anticipated.