You know very well that the wedding season feels like it’s around the corner with its invitation. It’s the first item that comes into contact to invite people to your wedding and excited about. 

But do you think this “first look” of your wedding card can be as memorable as you want it to be? Your friends and family will feel their hearts ballooning and melting at the same time. For that, you can check the points below. 

Photo Wedding Invitations To Melt Your Relatives’ Heart At The First Glance:

Choose the perfect couple picture at the front:

Make people connect with you as a couple. So, get a perfect couple of pictures clicked in the pre-wedding shoot. Choose the most emotional and loveable pictures among them. This way, your relatives will love to shower you both with their blessings. 

The best couple images would be when they are staring into each other’s eyes. The glaze will be full of love. 

Ensure the color coding is according to the wedding theme picked:

Make sure that your photo wedding invitations are a teaser for your relatives. Let them know what is coming ahead in your exclusive themed wedding. So, carefully choose color combinations in contrast to the invitation cards, like a window to the wedding ceremony. 

People would ask you then about the events and the special ceremonies. You can ask invitation card makers and designers to list certain events in a specific manner. It highlights information for relatives to pay attention to with the themed-wedding card. 

Pick font that resonates with your feels:

Some fonts are too italic and rosy, making the beholder fall in love with its beauty. Such fonts can resonate with your personality in general. For example, the rosy and flowery font show how beautiful and dreamy wedding you want to hold. 

It will put your close friends and relatives in complete awe. 

Similarly, bold and rich font styles tell you’re excited and confident about this marriage. It could be the best wedding invitation card font for daring and adventurous couples. 

Also, couples who faced a lot of hardship can choose this font to signify victory and their personal happily-ever-after.

Make a collage of your journey together inside the card:

This card where you put a collage of your love’s journey can be for an extremely close circle. They would love to know what you have been through and your “firsts” with your spouse. 

You can stick in pictures to portray your firsts: date, touch, stare/meet, fight, patch up, kiss, hug, etc. This will make your friends and family go gaga over the upcoming wedding ceremony. 

They will get to know the rollercoaster ride of your journey. This could be a special style for long couples in a long-distance relationship. 

Pictures of various “firsts” can melt literally anyone’s heart. 

Go for a stamp-and-seal wedding invitation to surprise your relatives:

Stamp-and-seal is fairly a unique way to invite your family and friends to your wedding. It often comes with velvet paper. So, the feeling of the card is so sleek and smooth. The font and coloring of these cards are top-class and eye-appealing at first glance. 

Professional wedding card designers have multiple designs available for stamp-and-seal cards. You can consult the most experienced designers in town for that. Or look for them online. 

This card includes the invitation and the tear-away RSVP section. This tear-away section will have your return address. So, invitees will also get a stamp-and-seal stamp. 

They stamp their response and mail you back the RSVP. The invitation card can fold itself into an envelope with your return address. 

So, your relatives don’t need to buy an extra envelope or write your address again. They can simply stamp the response and mail you back. Overall, it’s an innovative way to invite people and melt their hearts within a few moments. 


You can melt your relatives: family and close friend’s hearts with just one look and feel of your wedding card. Make sure to get its design from experts for a memorable wedding experience from day one. 

The swirling calligraphy, couple pictures, and easy RSVP are key points to remember before creating and sending out wedding cards.