Microsoft Outlook is likely one of the most generally used e-mail software for communicating, sending and receiving emails. However, Some Microsoft Outlook users are reporting [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] error and cause of this error code, they are not able to use Microsoft Outlook properly. Error [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] can be occurring for many reasons. In this article, we explained all the information regarding it and how can you easily resolve it.

Error code [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] is generated when your Outlook is not working properly. Well, you don’t need to worry about it, we found out easy and simple solutions for fixing the [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] error.

So, when your Outlook doesn’t work properly, follow this simple solution for resolving it.

How to Fix [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] Error?

Here is several simple instructions to fix [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] Error.

  • In case, if you are using multiple account and program in your windows system, then you have to log out from all the account and, after that clear all your cache and log back in to your Microsoft accounts.
  • You can also prevent this error by using web-based version of Microsoft Outlook.
  • You should use latest updated version of Microsoft Outlook, update your Outlook if you are not using updated or actual version.
  • If you are Windows 10 users, then try to use Outlook on other Windows version like 7 or 8.
  • Error code [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] can be occurred due to the installation process, also there is a possibility of your Outlook conflicts with other email accounts or other software in your Computer. Cause of it you have to remove the broken version from your PC. After that, install the latest version of Outlook from the official website of Outlook.
  • You can also contact a Microsoft support for more instructions.

After applying all the above instructions still it is  showing the [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] error, then you have to try our next 2 methods for getting the best results. These methods are common solutions, you can also use to deal with the other Microsoft Outlook errors.

Solution 1: Clear all the Cookies and Cache

In Microsoft Outlook, There are several errors occurring cause of the outdated version of Outlook is installed in your PC. In this case, you can fix these types of issues by simply upgrading your Outlook version.

  • By clearing your cookies and cache, it will clear your previous string and all the data will become new. It will ignore the damaged and jammed data packets.
  • You have to close and reopen your Outlook.
  • Also, close the all accounts if you are using multiple account.
  • Go and check for the latest version of Outlook in Microsoft official website.
  • If any update is available, then update it. You can also do it by turning on “Automatic updates” option, it will also notify in future, if there is any update available in Outlook or you can also turn it by simply going to the “Business Account” tab and turn on the “Allow Notifications” tab.

Solution 2: By Using Auto Repair Tool

After applying the above solution, it will resolve most of all the issues regarding Outlook. If you are still experiencing issues, then check out our next instructions.

  • For applying the next instructions, you need to use the Windows Auto Repair Tool to detect the issues and its solution.
  • Navigate to the Control Panel by clicking on the Software and features.
  • Now, Find Office 365 in programs and features or you can pick the framework which is specific to the Microsoft.
  • After that, click on the Edit from the top of the programs and Feature and select “Repair”.
  • Auto Repair Kit, it will automatically diagnose and resolve the issues.
  • After applying all the instruction, open the Outlook and check error is fixed or not.

Additionally, if you are experiencing [pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426] error in your Outlook, Click here to resolve it.

Final words:

In this article, we explained all the information regarding the error code [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] and how can you easily  fix the [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] error.