Page Speed for SEO

If you are here, you already know the benefits of SEO strategy that help in boosting your online business. By using the SEO method, your page appears among the top results in search engines. The more reach your website has, the more engagement your brand generates.

Nevertheless, this advantage can go deeper if your organization properly utilizes it. Mainly, you can utilize SEO to keep your target audience engaged as they explore through the conversion funnel, which refers to the combination of awareness, interest, decision, and action.

To make the most out of your SEO experience and optimize your results, you can contact an online SEO agency for further guidance. Following are a few SEO points that help keep your customers engaged throughout the funnel:

Begin broadly by dealing with general search queries and content:

At the beginning of their search venture, your targeted consumers lie in the “awareness” phase of the conversion funnel. This particular step for them implies that they are here to learn about your brand, products, services, etc. To engage them in this specific stage, you must provide the keywords in a broader sense to attract their broad interests such as buying social media likes and followers like buying facebook likes, instagram followers, youtube views and subscribers.

Whatever your company sells, you can provide an opening page that explains and introduces your services to your target audience.

For instance, in case you own an SEO company, and a customer searches for “what is SEO?”, your page should be able to provide content for that. Creating keywords and phrases that directly connect with the user’s interest is more probable to rank higher.

At this phase, your organization establishes brand awareness and thus helps in the transition in the buyer’s journey: interest.

Engaging ‘interested’ customers:

During this phase, your brand should focus on the primary information that is going to keep the potential customers interested. For example, if you have an SEO company and want to filter out your customers from the awareness phase to the interested phase, you use keywords that they are more likely to find useful.

Suppose, for example, people searching “SEO companies in Sydney” should be able to find your page relevant. SEO services help you provide your customers with the exact type of product, services, and offer that they are looking for. These include accurate keywords, optimization of the content of the site, and many more. Learn about SEO changes in 2021.

Convert your searchers into potential customers:

The last two stages of the conversion funnel consist of decision and action. At this level, you should not primarily focus on convincing the potential customers to invest in your services; instead, urge them to capitalize on your own company to help you facilitate those services. It is where SEO comes in handy.

Customers are now concerned to know about the logistics of your business, such as prices, comparisons of products, and installation or setup. At this stage, search queries as “cost of SEO services” are evident. So, having pages that address these queries specifically can be beneficial.

Now, to convince your customers to opt for your brand and your products, you need to sell over your competitors. A modern-day customer is already comparing products online, so if you provide comparisons yourself, then this technique will make it easier for the customers to choose you over the others.


However, the fundamental advantage of SEO goes beyond brand awareness and generating potential customers. Expert SEO services can aid your organization to attract and connect with future customers throughout their purchase process.

And precisely this is portrayed through the conversion funnel. With excellent SEO assistance, you get the chance to drive searches from the initial awareness stave to potential customers and hence boosting revenue for your business.