Did you know you could be damaging your watch by not understanding some simple watch maintenance guidelines and knowledge?

Watches are an essential accessory for many that add that extra level of finesse to your image. Of course, they have practical functionality, but your watch is similar to an expensive jewelry purchase. It’s also an investment for many who have luxury watch tastes.

Therefore, it’s critical to know about watch maintenance to prevent future issues. This article will show you how to keep your watch in good working order by following some handy tips and advice.

Know Your Watch’s Movement

A modern quartz watch is almost maintenance-free. Yet, the electronic movement it uses is extremely fragile and easy to break. As a result, changing the battery in your quartz watch is best handled by a skilled watch industry professional.

In contrast to quartz movements, you need to oil and clean mechanical movements every few years to maintain accuracy. In general, there are intricate and precise mechanisms inexpensive mechanical or quartz wristwatches. Thus, it’s always wise to employ a watchmaker you can trust to deal with your watch’s movement.

Also, verify the watchmaker is manufacturer-approved for your watch brand. Then, whenever you need worn-out parts changing, you will know you’re obtaining the right parts. Furthermore, you may only get warranty servicing from an approved watch repair shop.

Over-Winding Mechanical Watches

Knowing not to over-wind a hand-wound watch is a simple piece of watch care information. However, it’s a common blunder that individuals make too often when they own one.

Even though a manual wound watch is sturdy and long-lasting, you can damage it by over-winding. Try to take on a daily watch-winding routine if you can. Do it at a similar time and twist the watch’s crown until you feel a small resistance. Then, stop winding as soon as you sense resistance!

Don’t keep winding if rotating the crown becomes challenging as you might damage the watch. Also, when you set the time, ensure the hands move only in a clockwise direction. There are many watches that you can damage by turning their crown counterclockwise.

Water Resistance Doesn’t Mean Waterproof

We recommend not submerge your wristwatch underwater unless it’s a diving watch. Of course, splashes and a little rain exposure shouldn’t be a problem, though.

Any watch that gets extensive water exposure should have the gasket changed from time to time. This component is what provides water resistance or waterproofing. Yet, over time it becomes brittle and dry.

Also, be wary of exposing your watch to extreme temperatures. Watches can expand in the heat and let moisture in.

Wear Your Watch With Pride

As much as you might want to keep your best luxury watches in a showcase, it’s better to wear them every so often. The lubricants inside need some motion to keep the watch working smoothly.

If you never use your watches, their mechanisms could dry up. You might be a watch collector with an extensive collection of personalized watches? If so, try to wear each one throughout the year on occasion.

Watch Maintenance Made Easy

When you own luxury watches, it’s always best to select a trusted watchmaker to help you with aspects of watch maintenance. Over time, you can learn what type of watch care each type of watch you own needs. Apart from that, watch maintenance is about preventative measures such as not over-winding or exposing your watch to water too often.

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