In 2017, it was estimated that over 47 million Americans liked to run or jog. Today, you can bet that number’s only increasing, especially after the pandemic hit in 2020 and more people looked to solo physical activities they could do.

Whether you’re new to running or have some experience, there’s no question in mind that you need to get a good pair of running shoes. They can either make or break your experience!

A good place to start with is with Adidas running shoes. Not only has the brand been around for a while, but they’re also one of the top ones you can choose. This ensures that you’ll buy quality footwear!

If you’re wondering how to choose the right Adidas shoes, then read on. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide.

Consider Where You Run

Not every runner has the same routine. While some runners get their physical activity in at the gym, others opt for the pavement or even trails or the forest.

For those of you who choose the treadmill and combine this exercise with other gym workouts, you might want to consider Adidas cross-trainers. These are great for multiple purposes, such as running and jumping (which you might have to do if you do burpees).

If you like to run outside, but in the concrete jungle, then this can be tough on your feet, as the ground is hard. You’ll want to choose running shoes that are more cushioned, as well as responsive to your running.

Lastly, for those who like to run on trails, you’ll need better traction. You should also choose Adidas running shoes that have good support, since you’ll have to tackle all sorts of terrain. They do make Adidas trail running shoes (Terrex), so make sure you check those out.

Look at the Cushioning

You might think that the more cushioning there is, the better. Yes, in some cases that’s true, since you’ll feel like you’re running on clouds! But more cushioning does come with a price.

The more cushioning running shoes have, the higher off the ground you’ll be. This can also mean heavier shoes, which can be uncomfortable for some runners.

On the other hand, if you opt for less cushioning, it’ll let you feel the ground better.

There’s really no right answer as to how much cushioning you should get. It all depends on what you prefer while you’re running, so give the different types of cushioning a try if possible!

Get Proper Support

If you don’t have any pronation problems, then you’ll have more choices when it comes to Adidas running shoes. But if you overpronate or supinate, have flat feet, or have other foot issues, then you’ll need to take these things into consideration when selecting footwear.

Thankfully, Adidas has several lines of running shoes that can accommodate these problems. For instance, they have the Ultraboost ST and Supernova ST that support flatter arches. So it’s worth taking some extra time looking around at their special lines to keep your feet comfortable.

Consider Your Wide Feet

The good news is that Adidas shoes already tend to be on the wider side. So if you have wide feet, this brand is an excellent choice.

But for added comfort, you’ll want to look for several additional features.

You’ll want to start with the Regular Fit line. Though it has the word “regular” in it, it’s actually made for a wider fit.

Also, you’ll want to get mesh, Flexible Knit, or Primeknit for the upper part of your running shoes. And you’ll want to consider Lightmotion or Cloudfoam for the midsole.

Get Good Ventilation

There’s no denying that when you run, your feet sweat. Your socks will absorb most of the moisture, but if you sweat enough, you can soak your socks all the way through. Or maybe you run in all weather, meaning you’ll be outside in rain and running through puddles!

Whatever the reason, you’ll want to find a pair of shoes with good ventilation. That way, you don’t end up with soggy feet and smelly shoes.

What’s great about Adidas is they’ve designed most of their running shoes for good ventilation. But if you sweat excessively or live somewhere particularly wet, you should pick footwear that has good mesh exteriors to ensure your feet stay dry.

Pick Shoes Made Specifically for Running

Take a look at Adidas’s selection and you’ll be surprised at just how many styles you have to choose from!

Some might look great and suit your fashion sense, but ultimately, they’re not made for running. For example, they make many sleek pairs of sneakers that are great for everyday wear, but absolutely not for running.

Don’t compromise on your health and comfort by being vain and picking nice-looking shoes. There’s a time and place for everything; get 2 pairs so you can wear the nice shoes when you’re running errands, not running laps.

If you’re ready to buy now, then there are plenty of options waiting for you!

Get the Best Pairs of Adidas Running Shoes

A good pair of Adidas running shoes can be very comfortable and last you for years to come. By carefully considering your needs and possibly stretching your budget a little bit, you’ll make a worthwhile investment in footwear that’ll allow you to run for miles without the worry of pain or discomfort.

When it comes to your body and its wellbeing, don’t go cheap. Make sure you take good care of yourself by purchasing the best footwear possible!

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