Whether you believe it or not, our lungs can cleanse themselves, just like our liver. However, if you’re getting exposed to pollutants for a prolonged period, it won’t be possible for the organ to take care of itself. Hence, in that case, you’ll have to cleanse your lungs to ensure their health and make them work optimally. 

The best thing about undergoing a lungs cleansing procedure is that it can be beneficial for people dealing with – 

  • Cystic fibrosis, 
  • Asthma,
  • COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc. 

However, the question still remains the same – how do you cleanse your lungs naturally? 

Well, a trusted San Antonio drug rehab center suggests regular exercising to be ideal for everyone. Nonetheless, if you want to improve the overall functionality of your lungs, you shouldn’t limit yourself to that only. 

Additionally, we will also ask you to make some lifestyle changes in accordance with your health condition. Keep reading to find out more about it. 

How To Cleanse Your Lungs Naturally? 

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the lifestyle changes and breathing exercises that can improve your lungs functionality. Here’s what you need to know about it. 

Cleansing Technique – 1: Opting For Steam Therapy 

Steam inhalation, also known as steam therapy, involves intaking water vapor to open your lungs’ airways naturally. This way, it becomes easier for the organ to drain mucus and other pollutants naturally and effectively. 

Due to the direct approach of the technique, it works almost instantly and offers immediate relief to the patient. Steam therapy can also be ideal for people who have asthma. 

Cleansing Technique – 2: Consuming A Turmeric Concoction 

If you’re dealing with a lung issue, you’ll feel a strange heaviness in your chest. It usually occurs due to persistent inflammation and congestion in the organ. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Well, in this case, consuming a turmeric concoction can help you to some extent. Because of being a natural detoxifier, it can detoxify your body from within and strengthen your body’s immunity system massively. Your breathing consistency will improve to some extent as well. 

Cleansing Technique – 3: Drinking Green Tea 

Like turmeric, green tea can also detoxify your body prominently. Thus, if you drink the same regularly, the pollutants stored up in your lungs will be cleaned within a few days. It, in turn, will help you breathe more profoundly – even when you are stressed or anxious. 

Furthermore, as green tea improves your immune system, it’ll also be easy for you to stay protected against ailments like bronchitis and COPD. 

Cleansing Technique – 4: Taking A Walk 

Taking a walk and breathing in the fresh air in the morning is the best way to improve your lungs’ productivity and efficiency. Also, as walking is a form of aerobic exercise, it can boost your lungs’ capacity and air retention capability. 

Make sure to walk for at least an hour every day to improve the overall condition of your lungs. If you’re otherwise healthy, running can also be beneficial in this aspect. 

Cleansing Technique – 5: Doing Yoga

Yoga, like any other aerobic exercise, can help improve your body posture. This, in turn, can boost the health of your lungs and assist you in breathing correctly. 

Additionally, yoga can also prompt your body to release toxins and improve the health of your immune system. Finally, undergoing a session of yoga regularly can also aid you in relaxing your mind and boost your overall flexibility.

How Do You Keep Your Lungs Clean? 

In the previous section, we have talked about how to clean your lungs naturally. However, in this one, we’ll focus on something more generic yet important. 

Yes, that’s right. 

Here, we will discuss how you can keep your lungs clean by integrating some healthy habits into your life. Let’s get started with it. 

  • Make sure to change the air duct in your house regularly. If you have enough budget, we’ll also ask you to use an air conditioner with a HEPA filter. It can filter out pollen, dust, lice, mites, and cigarette smoke efficiently. 
  • Wake up as early as possible and open the windows in your room. It, in turn, will help with air circulation in your house and fill it with fresh air and oxygen. 
  • Clean and vacuum your bed, sofa, and carpet regularly. Also, while you’re at it, make sure to change the same at least once every week. 
  • Install an exhaust fan in your kitchen and use it while cooking. This way, you can reduce the prominence of smoke in it and improve your lungs’ health even more. 
  • Try reducing the usage of regular candles and air freshener tools as much as possible. Otherwise, they can increase the number of pollutants in your house. 
  • Learn various breathing exercises and techniques, and perform them regularly. It will keep your air ducts clean and help you breathe more positively. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs 

In this section, we will answer some questions that may come to your mind while researching the titular topic. Let’s check them out. 

How Do You Detox Your Lungs?

If you want to keep your lungs in an optimal condition, you can try – 

  • Changing the house filters. 
  • Opting for various breathing exercises. 
  • Practicing percussion. 
  • Breathing in the fresh air in the morning. 
  • Avoid using artificial scents. 

What Can I Drink To Cleanse My Lungs?

Drinking ginger honey lemon tea is the best possible way to cleanse your lungs optimally. Aside from this, you can also drink turmeric and green tea to detoxify the organ properly. 

Which Fruits Are Good For Your Lungs?

Colorful fruits like strawberries and blueberries are ideal for your lungs, as they’re rich in flavonoids and, thus, detoxify the organs. 

Final Thoughts 

Taking care of lung health can be pretty challenging, especially for an individual working in a factory or going outside regularly. Besides, you will need to quit smoking to ensure the optimal health of the organ as well. Finally, following a nutritious diet plan and exercising regularly will also be beneficial in this aspect.  

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