Although text messages are becoming one of the most influential and valuable communication channels, more and more people are giving up on the old-fashioned phone call and texting instead. With the immediacy of a response so high, it’s no wonder that text messages have become the go-to method for communicating with others.

Unfortunately, with this rise in popularity has come another issue – spam messages. Spam text messages are one of the most troublesome forms of spam emails out there. And while you may not eliminate this problem, you can reduce it by adopting block number service from your carrier or another provider.

Why need fake blocked text messages?

To avoid spam messages, you must make yourself unreachable for some time. This can be done by setting up a block number on your phone. Whenever a spam message is sent to you, it will be associated with this number and go undeliverable. It will serve as a digital wall that is virtually impossible for them to break through.

By creating an alternate number that can’t receive messages, these spammers won’t bother you since they don’t want their messages going through anyway. If you think about it, it’s the ultimate way to get around the problem and eliminate much of the spam that comes your way.

Not only this, but you can also eliminate the need for a new number by using an existing one. Getting an alternate number from your carrier is much easier because this can be done on the spot. This can quickly be done over the phone at any store and will take a short time. And if you don’t have another number to spare, services like Google Voice are becoming increasingly popular as blocking alternatives.

Why do we need fake block text messages?

If you have a phone with many friends, family and other contacts, then you’ll get more than enough unwanted text messages every week (we’ve all been there). This is a problem that many carriers are trying to deal with, but they are often unable to keep up with the flood of messages.

By setting up a block number, you can easily avoid these unwanted texts by making yourself unreachable. If anyone who sends you these unwanted messages does not know that you have blocked them, they will not even be able to bother sending the message. It’s essentially an extra layer of protection when you don’t want your privacy compromised by any third party, and it’s the simplest solution to this problem.

What are the fake block messages services?

If you are looking for a solution to your fake blocked text message problems, you have come to the right place. We have developed some of the best free block message services you need to try out. These services work on various levels and will never cost you any money for their service – that’s their best quality. First, we will tell you about the best option out there. We are sure that you will agree to create a fake number.

It is one of the simplest and most effective methods to get around this problem. If you have set up a Google Voice account with your phone, you only need to give this service access to your phone so they can create a new line that can’t receive messages. Now that Google has access to your numbers and can block them at will, all those unwanted messages will go through the blocked line without going to any other number.


Q: I have set up a block number, but it’s not working. What do I do now?

A: The best thing you can do is check the block number and ensure it’s not incorrect.

Q: Is it possible to block all of my incoming messages from any specific contact?

A: The sad truth is that there is currently no way to get around this problem.

Q: How do I remove my block number from my account?

A: Most carriers will let you delete your block number from the account. Do this first before deleting the number from your phone.

Q: What should I do if spam text messages still appear on my regular number?

A: If you use Google Voice, these messages will still appear.